The Queen Mommie

This pretty much sums me up!

It is always so hard to write about yourself and even when people ask you about yourself, it can be hard. You want to tell them stuff but you don't want to come off bragging and you don't want to come off as someone who doesn't say anything though I don't think that is my problem. 

"I am what I am" - Popeye 

I am someone who loves to craft, sew, cook,  take photos, and clean yep you heard that right I actually like to clean. I love that high you get when you organize and everything has it place. Yeah I know it is weird.

That is the other thing about me- I fully admit to being weird. I love sci- fi and one of my all time time favorite shows is Doctor Who and yes that is me with the theme as my ring tone. As I have gotten older I have been more willing to try new things. I am not afraid to experiment with cooking and will try again if I fail.

Epic failures happen all the time in our house yet we march on because that is life. I am a insominaic which means I am awake at night thinking of all the things I can create or do (it went from being a bad thing to a better thing).

I have two wonderful kids- one of each who have amazing and different personalities. Each challenges me in ways I never thought of which yes is good and bad.  Adding to that is a great husband who is weird like me okay maybe weirder but that is why I love him!

Being who I am today is a place I really like being. I am able to explore and find who I am without the previous boundaries I had imposed on myself. I accept that I am who I am and well love me or hate me, it don't matter much to me. I am confident yet at times still worried about life. I figure I am typical in many things and well atypical in other things.

Hope you enjoy my crafts, sewing projects, recipes, and of course ramblings of life!

The Queen Mommie