Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Little Crafting

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I am so very behind and honestly just sort of in a crafting funk. It happens a few times a year, usually when life is busy and if I get sick which at the time is both. I have had a cold for about two weeks. I thought I was over it but it came back and brought a cough with it. So I sound like death if I start coughing but it is getting better. So I decided to just stay in (I left only to get the kids from school) so that maybe I would get some rest and feel better. I did rest some but I also had cleaned the craft room the day before and organized my many projects. These were two that I wanted to do something with but I had no idea what to do with them and it finally hit me. 

The pumpkin I got from Hobby Lobby and just painted orange with a green stem. using my trusty Cricut, I cut out the Trick or treat and applied. It looks so cute outside by my front door. I am sort of decorating mode for the fall.

Than I started working on the mason jar (debating about painting a Thanksgiving thing not he other side of it to make it two sided.)

I love having my stash of paints so I don't have to guess for colors. I added the HoHoHo in vinyl as well. I love how it turned out and can't wait to put it up for Christmas but I totally need to enjoy fall first. 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Some of my Favorites- Lightbox

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I am obsessed with the Heidi Swapp Lightbox so much so that when I got a fifty percent off coupon, I bought a second one.

I just love the all the things you can do with it and all the accessories. I found a set of slides on the clearance rack for 40 cents the other day. I change it out all the time and I figured out on how to make my own slides for it.

I like that I can use it for all sorts of party decoration ideas and I think that it would make an awesome teachers gift ( funny thing is one of the kid's teachers had it on her wish list so I will grab it next time it is half off again for her).

It is a fun way to add that little something extra and I love that I follow Heidi on Facebook where she has a ton of ideas and gives sneak peeks of new products (two more sizes are coming out this fall).

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Some of my favorite things- LuLaRoe

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So I need to blog more and I know I keep saying it but we have been super busy. Just finished the third week of school. Sports started for the kids. Hubby was at a conference in Vegas and I admit to being jealous- mega jealous. I also for some reason decided that I needed to redo our master bath (more on that in another post).

So life has been life. Though I wanted to share some of my favorite things over the next week of things I love. Lately it has become clothes again. I dropped 15lbs and have a goal of another 10 so I am wanting to freshen my look up. I guess the yoga pants are getting old.

So my first favorite thing this week is LuLaRoe. OMG have you seen these clothes. The patterns are wild, the leggings are like butter, and they look good on any body size. That is so nice!

So I went to my first pop up last December and was impressed. I didn't get any leggings but walked away with a Julia dress and Randy shirt. Than I didn't think much of it till like February when my friend was asking for people to host pop ups so I thought sure.

So my sweet friend dragged all her loot over, hung it up and a bunch of friends came over to shop. It was a blast and my daughter was in love with it instantly. She picked out matching leggings for us.

I also walked away with some new things and two free pieces which were both beautiful dresses. So since than, slowly more and more pieces have crept into my closet. I now own a few different tops, a skirt, dresses, and a bunch of leggings. Yes I am on the lookout for my unicorn prints. Over the summer it was the patriotic collection and this fall now has been either foxes or woodland creatures which I got.

I am also obsessed with the new Carly dress and may have just gotten my second one. Yes I may have a problem but it is so comfy and you look so nice to!

Here I am in some of my favs: