Friday, September 11, 2015

CTC #47 - Let's Kit Together

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I didn't realize it has been that long since I had a CTC blog post. The kids getting back into the school routine in all honestly kicked my butt big time.  We are at the end of week 3 and finally getting into a decent schedule. Plus I was also in charge of Grandparent's Night at the school so I was running around doing that as well. 

I have to say I LOVE the Kit section of the new mini. I instantly purchased both the Season to Season Wreath and the Witching Decor Project. I love the kits SU comes out with because it is a fun afternoon project you can work on. I finally finished the little scrapbook kit from the spring mini but it still needs pictures. 

I finally had a moment to sit down and play with the Season to Season wreath and it is fun and pretty easy mind the burnt finger from the glue gun which I should totally know better so my suggestion is to use something like your bone folder to press down the paper when applying it to the wreath.

here is my finished wreath all done up for fall. I didn't buy the coordinating stamp set but instead used the textured stamps from the various Paper pumpkins that have come in over the last few years. 

Here is my completed wreath and I framed it in a frame I have hanging on my wall. I love to change out the wreath for the seasons and now all I really have to do it change the banner in it. 

This is such a pretty and simple wreath. It took me only about thirty minutes to but the leaves on. It took  longer to figure out what colors I wanted to use in the stamping. 

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SU products used:

Season to Season Wreath Project Kit. 

Various Paper Pumpkin stamps and ink spots. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Role as SAHM has changed

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The kids have been in school full time now for two weeks and my role as a Stay at Home Mom has changed quite a bit since they started school. Now I am a Stay at Home Mom to my fur babies which I am pretty sure are out to get me because they both like to sit on the stairs and block the way as I walk down. 

So the last two weeks have out us into a new routine because the boy now has to be ready right along with his sister when for the last two years we had about thirty extra minutes before he had to be to school. So now we are all getting up and ready to be out the door any where from 7:30 (if we walk to school) or 7:45 if they are being dropped off in the car. 

So I set some rules I guess for getting off to a good start. Everyone needs to make their bed in the morning. The kids are pretty good about it and the hubby is getting better. He gets up last and I am downstairs with the kids, so this has become his job. I have always been a bed maker from little one and I feel the house seems put together when beds are made plus I read that it makes one more productive during the day because you already accomplished something. 

I make lunches at night and have them in a bucket int he fridge to be dispensed in the morning before we leave. This helps so much in not having to rush around the kitchen plus it leaves me time to unload and reload the dishwasher and also without fail sweep the floor every morning and I will steam mop it once I am back from drop off. 

I feel a clean house just makes one feel better plus it leaves me time to get the other things I need to do get done. I have also found with the new large washer and dryer, I only need to do wash every other day and I have state shaving the kids fold it as an exercise in cooperating with each other. It is still a huge work in progress. 

I want to enjoy my day and not feel like I haven't accomplished anything which in all honestly it does happen. 

Another thing I have been doing for quite awhile is meal planning which helps when we are rushing off to practice or gymnastics. I also have used the crock pot like a bunch to get meals ready for easy dinner prep.

Yes I may have more time on my hands but I am also finding things to fill that time between running errands, getting things at home in order and volunteering at school. I don't know how the year will go over all but I figure if I get some good habits, they will last through the year. 

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Fall Sign- swoon!

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SO last week I was at Wally World for what ever reason (I think looking for t-shirts) and I came across this really cute MDF sign that was on the clearance rack. I grabbed it for four bucks and figured I would do something with it (I am a craft hoarder so I see potential in everything). 

So I brought it home, looked at it for a few days as it sat on my table and than stuck it int he closet. I was at first thinking it would be cute with books on it to maybe hang jewelry on it. 

Than I was wandering around Hobby Lobby (big surprise) and saw a really cute sign that inspired me to create this one. So I bought some black paint and well went to work creating this cute sign for the fall. 

I cut out all the pieces out of vinyl of course using my Cricut and just started layering on. I am not the biggest vinyl fan but it actually went pretty easy and I love how it turn out. Now I need to figure out a place for it. 

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