Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Fall- finally sort of okay maybe here in Texas

The weather is finally livable outside here in Houston which means it is Fall here. The calendar says so but the fact is it is the middle of October and I am still wearing shorts. This cooler weather was what I basically grew up with during the summers in Wisconsin but I finally think I have come to terms with that this is what Texas is like.

I think the pouring driving rain we finally had on Sunday in which Miss O and I got stuck in at the Girl Scout Camp outing, made it feel cooler. We were both soaked to the bone and of course cold. Miss O was so excited to come home after to have a hot chocolate (It was till like 80 some degrees out).

I do miss the fall colors changing so far north of us. They really don't change here or if they do it is so fast, that you never see it happen, than you realize that the leaves are now on the ground. The issue this year is that we have been in drought so the leaves have been falling for months because of the lack of water.

Fall to me has always signaled the cool down of weather and all of my favorite holidays which kick off here on Oct. 31st. The house is in full Halloween/Fall mode but still wearing shorts and sweating each day I walk to get Miss O doesn't help.

I have excepted fall now is warm weather. I have to pick costumes for the kids that they won't sweat to death in rather than when I was growing up, trying to figure out if t would fit over the snow suit. Mr. L has two this year to wear (One for cooler weather and one for warmer weather). Miss O keeps changing her mind, so no costume has been purchased yet but she needs to decide soon on it.

As the fall ends and winter arrives, I am really thankful for the warmer weather. It makes it easier not to have to bundle the kids up (It was a pain for the week last Xmas when we were up in WI). The kids can play outside far longer than they can up North. Bike riding and all those summer activities to hot to do, are now in prime.

Yes I miss the fall I grew up with but admit, I finally have learned to love the fall down here. But I am not going to complain if it gets cool enough to wear a coat.

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