Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Documenting the kids

I think as a parent it is important to document the special and not so special things in your kids life. I am a big scrapbooker and picture taker because I love to look back and remember my kids. The house is full of pictures showcasing the kids growth and special times we have had together. Some of the best memories with the kids are ones that were spur of the moment.

I think as a parent, it is important to document what you can. I love looking at old pictures of myself and brother. My daughter loves looking at them as well. I look at them and see hy my kids look the way they do. I see that when I was little, I made that face or I did that.

The photos for me are a window to the past and a way to see how far my kids have come. I am amazed at this tiny baby we brought home in 2006 is now headed to kindergarten this fall. I see the leaps and bounds my little boy has had since his arrival.

So I recently invested in a new camera to continue the documentation of the kids and the events in our life. I have taken a big leap and am so excited to take this leap.

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