Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Sick Kid-Yeah!

As a a parent, we all have dealt with a sick kid. I am a lucky parent because my kids don't get sick that often. When my daughter was little, she did get sick quite often and even had a case of RSV hen she was about 10 months. I started wondering why she was so sick and noticed that she had huge tonsils. I mean these tonsils were so big that they were called kissing tonsils. So we went through countless tests to make sure that her sleep apnea was caused by the tonsils and not some underlying problem.

Sure enough, we found out it was the tonsils which we had removed when she was 22 months and well now she rarely gets sick and when she does, it is pretty quick. I am glad we dealt with them at this age. I to had large tonsils and had some problems as a kid to but out grew most of them.

So the fact is for me, I get sick kids pretty rarely now. I think I can count on my fingers how many times both kids have gotten sick in their lives since Miss O had her tonsils removed. But today, the little one woke up with a fever. He has gotten sick like maybe twice since he was born and even than, it was a mild cold.

I knew something was wrong when he sat down on the couch and didn't move for an hour. This in constant motion kid, was down for the count. He even at some point feel asleep. He is now laying there with a sippy cup of water and his yellow ducky watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

His Tylenol has kicked in but he still prefers to just vedge on the couch which is an okay thing to do when you don't feel good. I feel bad for him and plan on making him as comfortable as possible and just hope that whatever it is, passes quickly like most of the things they get now. Miss O is mothering him to the point of annoyance, so I do have tell her to just leave him be. I think it is just her nature, like mine, to take care of him because he is sick. She has asked him many times if he needs anything which is funny because he doesn't say to much.

Sick kids are a given when you have kids. You hope that you can make them comfortable and relax till they feel better. You also hope that you don't get it either or that if you do, that it doesn't hit as hard as it hit him.

Well, Mr. L has slide of the couch now but still movement is minimal because he is just standing there and again I had to tell her to leave him alone. So lets hope for a quick recovery and that no one else gets it and maybe it is just teething.

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