Monday, August 22, 2011

# School

First Day - Awesome

Last night at dinner Miss O raised her hand and asked if sh could go to the bathroom. She told us all that was the rule in school. One day of school and she was already applying all the things she learned.

Her first day was awesome for her. We took her and walked her to her class. Her first stop was to the potty than finally to her room. Her teacher is so nice and showed her where her lunch went as well as her backpack. Miss O seemed a little when she was looking for her seat but once she found it, she quickly opened the box of crayons and started coloring away.

We left her sitting there with the other kindergartners as they began their journey into learning. I on the other hand started crying the minute I walked out the door which of course set my mother in law off as well. We both teared up that this kid just seemed to be babbling away as she played with her blocks and now she is in school.

The day went pretty fast for us because we occupied our time (today not so much). Before we knew it was time to walk over to pick her up. We packed up Mr. L with a sippy cup and goldfish for the walk in the 100 degree weather yes it was very hot but lucky us it was shaded and there was a breeze.

We arrived at the school and waited till the kids came out. As we walked home together, we asked what she did during the day and she said she played, colored, and had fun. Her biggest complaint was the walk home because her feet were sweating in her tennis shoes.

Overall she had a great day and could not wait to go back this morning. She was standing at the door with her back pack about 15 minutes before she had to go. School is going to be a good thing for her. We all noticed a big difference in her yesterday when she came home- almost as if she wanted to show she is a big girl.

Now I am excited to see how school will go for her. She seems to want to ensure that she is good every day to get her green smiley face which will lead to getting a treasure. This is a incredible journey and we are all excited for her.

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