Thursday, August 11, 2011

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What it costs to raise a kid!

So I was wandering around the website today and I found this calculator that calculates what it costs to have a kid. I typed in Miss O who was born in 2006 and her cost from birth to 18 was nearly $561,000. Alone it is estimated that her first year was nearly $26,000 which I can believe between formula, diapers and daycare though I think we were closer to about $15,000 at the time.

Here is the link to the calculator:

The breakdown includes what it will cost for housing, health care, food transportation, clothing, childcare, education, higher education and general misc. stuff that they have like that train table that recently made it into my house.

When I did Mr. L who was born in 2010, his cost was about $640,000. This survey takes in account your income, family status as well as where you live in the country. I do think it is a rough estimate but I could see between clothes, education, etc. that rearing a child is expensive.

No one really warns you how muck a child will cost you. You can estimate out but they are expensive especially their first year with multiple doctor visits, formula, and child care if you aren’t working. We paid close to seven grand a year when Miss O was in childcare and that was at an excellent place that was reasonable.

I just found this breakdown interesting. I can see that kids are expensive but also know this is a sampling and not necessarily the true amount.

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