Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Easier cooking for me!

So I had a idea to help ease up on me making all the meals plus I figured it would instill in both Miss O and my hubby some pride in making some meals on their own. I asked both of them to pick a night and cook. I said it was open to what they wanted and to try and limit always buying or making pizza. The first week we started was last and Miss O made a pizza.

She pulled together all of the ingredients and built the pizza herself. I put it in the oven and took out. She did a good job. Half cheese and half pepperoni wasn't to bad. I think next time we need to remember to spray the pan and watch how much sauce someone pushes off the size.

This week she wants to make sub sandwiches, so I got nice hoagie rolls,  a variety of lunch meats, and some good cheeses to put on them. So she will be pulling it all together. I figure it helps her to have some stake in our meals and the household.

Now I am also working on my husband to do this as too. We all forgot about it till Miss O reminded us about it, so that is an added part of her job to remind us that he needs to cook.

I figure that we may not get gourmet meals with this but it teaches my kid to do somethings on her own. When I first brought Mr. L home, she learned real quick to either wait till I was done feeding him or to make her won sandwich. She got good at making sandwiches, so much so that most of last summer she made both herself and her brother sandwiches for lunch.

As Miss O gets bigger we will try more and more things for her to cook. We will move onto the microwave and one day the stove. I think this is going to be a fun experiment.

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