Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Summer is right around the corner

I can not believe there is like a month left of school and than summer starts for us. We are excited for the break but also will miss school. It seems like just as you get use to the routine, it is over and you can have a new one.

The first week, we are heading to Arizona to visit the inlays and than back to jut relax as much as possible. I would like to venture up to Wisconsin as well but the thought of two long car rides isn't my idea of fun. We will have to see on that.

The other thing is that I decided that we are going to at least do thirty minutes of school like stuff all summer so Miss O stays on tops of things and it isn't a horrible headache getting her back up and running when 1st Grade starts in August. I have plans for reading and math as well as integrating fun things in as well into the summer.

I am planning on just relaxing and having a fun summer with my kids. I missed her a great deal all year when she was on school but now I can enjoy her for the summer.

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