Thursday, October 11, 2012

# sew

Awesome Prize- My New Arrow Sewing Table

I never win anything and for some reason I won a few prizes these past few weeks. The best one has to be the awesome Gidget Sewing table I won from Arrow Sewing Cabinets. They do a drawing for every 500 fans they get on Facebook and well they hit 8500 last week and on Friday (my Birthday of course) drew my name so I got a sewing table and even better yet my local favorite Quilt Shop Pinwheels and Posies gets one as well.

The table arrived yesterday and of course I instantly set it up and put my machine on it. I had been waiting for its arrival so I held off  making my project that I have been wanting to do. It was a quick one making a giant funky halloween pillow using the Halloween pinups fabric that caught my eye at Pinwheels the other day when I went in to tell them the great news.

So here I am with my new table all set up of course!

Here is the fun project I made using my table- I LOVE THIS FABRIC!!!