Monday, October 1, 2012

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Happy Halloween

I love Halloween so much. I have to say it is my favorite holiday with Christmas a close second. I love the idea of dressing up in costume and just having a good time. i also love to decorate my house. I think I decorate almost as much as I do for Christmas. I broke down and decorated early this year because I had so many projects I had created that I wanted to put out. So I ventured out to our storage locker which got cleaned as well as I was hunting it for my halloween crates.

I brought them home and oh well the next thing I know (2 hours later) the house was done up. I will wait a few more weeks until I do outside of the house but that will be epic as well.

I was so excited to really get to decorate my living room which we redid this past winter. As each season comes and goes I have been decorating as needed (remember 4th of July).  I also love to set my dining room table as a theme and this year spooky sophisticated pretty much sums it up. I also took the time to clean out any old decorations that have long lived past their lives. I just wish I had the funds like Martha to really go all out!

My decorated Haunted house!

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