Friday, February 22, 2013

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Meal Planning

I was so good at trying to clean out the freezer when I stopped doing it. I got very inventive and loved that I had everything listed out so I knew what was in there. I have been meaning to do it again and finally out of some boredom I did it. I knew I would need to get the freezer ready for my next shipment from Omaha Steaks. I got turned on by a deal from them last fall and now have ordered about four times. The meats are good quality and I calculated it out to be about 7 bucks per meal when I order because I order when they send me coupons and free shipping.

I started off just doing the inside freezer to see what I had in there, mainly vegetables and breakfast foods. I didn't throw out to much because when we redid the pantry, I had cleaned it out some. I pulled it all out, consolidated like foods and took all meats in there to the outside freezer I have (I have a an old fridge out there but would love a stand freezer one of these days).

As I was cleaning it out, I listed everything I had in there as well as the outside freezer, the outside freezer was super quick because everything was easy to read and somewhat organized. I like a total geek went and put it all in an excel file which than made me think about doing the pantry which honestly I should have done in January when we redid it. I have been putting stuff in big tubs to prevent any insects from getting in because I did have a meal moth issue before we redid it all. I have bins for baking items,  breakfast and side dishes.

I than did the next shelf and as I wrote things down, I also organized it. Just kept moving down. I than stuck that all in another sheet in the excel file. Finally I did my overage stash that is in the garage. I put jars of sauce, snacks, drinks and etc.

After everything was in excel and looks pretty, I printed it all up and started meal planning with what I had and made a grocery list of things I would need to complete the meals. I was amazed at all the things I had that I could put together with out going to buy to much. My list is likely less than 40 bucks of stuff and is mostly stuff that expires easy (milk, bread and eggs).

After I went through what I had to create complete meals, I had about 27 different meals with very little overlap. I also have some other things where I could change it up if needed to. Having a well stocked pantry really helps to make some unique things. I have stuff to make Greek, Indian, Italian,  and well so many different global foods.

I am hoping that I can limit what I buy over the next month as well as going out to eat. As I get rid of things I use, if we like it, it will go on the grocery list for the next big shopping day.  I am hoping for lots of creativity during this time plus some good foods.

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