Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Flip Flop Wreath

I cleaned my craft room today and I admit I have to much stuff. I am crafty so I like to try a variety of new things and am thankful that I have a hubby that enjoys my crafting exploits. He actually likes to get involved as well. He made a crafty sort of purchase that should be arriving soon and I know the kids will be super excited for it when it does arrive. I need to figure out where it is going though when it does show up. 

So as I was cleaning my room and closet (It is my Monica closet as friend likes to call it), I found flip flops that I had purchased on the clearance rack like two years ago and I have always wanted to make a wreath out of them. So when you are crafty and have supplies, one can usually find what one needs to create stuff without going out to buy things. I had everything on hand to create this from my stash. It turned out really cute and it is a heavy one. I had a lot of purple flip flops so I tried as best to spread them out in the wreath. 

The felt flowers were also a clearance find and I just hot glued them on to the wreath as well. It is fun and summery! I bet this wreath cost under 5 bucks in materials when I actually bought the stuff. I think I paid like a quarter for each pair of flip flops and they felt flowers. I see things and always see potential- just need not wait two years!

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