Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Let Them Eat Paper Cake!

I don't bake and honestly don't really like to because it is to measuring and being precise. I am more a chef where you can play with the ingredients. I have become obsessed with creating a paper cake and finally had some time to sit down and create it. It actually wasn't as much time as I thought it was going to be- about the same of an actual cake. I really love how it turned out plus it is all things I had on hand. I made the cake stand and used a small candle holder for the base. It is made out of a piece of light cardboard and I cut out the circle on top and the scallop edge which I attached.  It is super cute and I would love to set it out with little treats inside the boxes for a party. 

First off I cute 16 boxes in 2 sizes. I was able to cute and put all of the together in about 40 minutes. The Cricut would cut and as the next one was being cut, I put the one before together. I didn't use SU paper because it is heavier and doesn't always cut well so I used some lighter card stock in coordinating colors. One is a mint and the other is a coral. 

I than cut the banner out suing the banner punch and new SU DSP Schoolhouse. It also worked well for for the flowers which I cut using the big flower die for the Big Shot. I tried cutting some using the Cricut but they didn't look right to me so I scrapped them (wasting a whole sheet of paper) and used the die instead. I could put any saying on the banner for any occasion. I left it blank just for fun. 

I would say this took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to make from start to finish. I had to stop and go to a class I had signed up for but once I got back, I started on it again. When I was done, I told my family I had made them a cake. It got a chuckle!

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