Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Updated Laundry Room On the Cheap

So we were gone visiting family out of state for an entire month so my crappy washer and dryer didn't get used. I was boohooing about it before we left because the dryer was acting weird and I suspected that it was near death. I even mentioned it to a few people that I was liking going to have to buy a new one soon, I just didn't expect it would be the day after we got back. 

So here I am Sunday night doing load of laundry and go to stick it in the dryer which wasn't working. I asked the hubby to come up and look at it. He came up and just told me to go get a new set. He figured they were nearing 13 years old (in September) and we have been talking about it for awhile. 

So here I set out Monday morning to shop around for new machines. Funny thing was Sears happen to be having a Cyber Monday sale, so after I looked at the machines in store as well as a few others, I just came home and ordered them because they were cheaper online. 

They were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday at some point, so I decided to clean the laundry room some in order to make it quicker when the delivery guys came. My laundry rooms was awful. I think I found lint from 2003 when the machines were installed. After I cleaned, I realized we had some left over floor tiles from last years home project we had to do after being gone for a few weeks (the air con leaked and we had to pull out the carpet).

I laid those down and than put them on the shelves as well. My shelves are bad and I really didn't want to paint them with another layer of paint. They could be touched up some but I am not worried. I than walked around the house and found some baskets I am not using and added them to the top shelf which is usually a catch all place. 

I had the cork tiles on hand and printed up wash and dry and added them on. I had everything basically so it cost me nothing other than the new washer and dryer (It was an overall expensive week because both kids needed glasses too). 

I love how it turned out. I am thinking about putting a counter in over the machines at some point but it works for me and I actually like going in there and gulp - doing laundry. 

New machines and new decor

Top shelf

Dollar store bins to hold laundry and cleaning supplies. I had these already. 

Lost sock center. I had the frame and have been wondering what to do with it. 

I made new labels for my baskets. 

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