Monday, August 3, 2015

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Back to School Ready

Three weeks left for summer break and I couldn't be happier. I am not one of those Moms who likes the lazy days of summer- I dread them. Its hot in Texas like super hot, you can't seem to breath outside hot so we linger in doors most of the time only to venture out to the pool here and there which isn't at all refreshing at all. We don't do yard work until the sun starts setting because it is so hot. So most of the time we are cooped up in the house or inside somewhere. So the kids going back to school is wonderful and joyous thing because it gets them going out on a regular basis plus I get to regain my sanity because I no longer will hear hours on end about Minecraft, Terriaum, or what the Hobby kids are playing with this week. 

So the countdown begins and I am ready for school. The first year the oldest went to Kinder, I was frantic running around getting supplies the night before school because I couldn't find one thing on the list. I was stressed to the max because well it was my first. Next year, I wasn't as stressed about it as she headed to first but still stressed some. Less stress the third year for second (It helped we had a great teacher that year). Than I wised up and well last year was a breeze. Why may you ask, well because I preordered the school supplies from the school and had all the school clothes shopping done by the end of July. August was a joy of relaxation and the last dog days of summer. 

So this year, I did the same and it was so much easier even with both going to school. One is in Fourth and my baby is going into Kinder. 

So here is what I did - I got organized and because I was last year, this year is easier. Clothes shopping is done and is quick. The kids can wear summer stuff till October, so we buy a few new things and add as the year goes. I also watch the sales and shop that way. I got six pair of jeans (I bought big) for 40 bucks with coupons. I likely spent a total of 150 bucks for clothes for both because of how I shop. My kids at this age don't need expensive things that they will outgrow in an instant. 

We purchased a new backpack and lunch kit for the boy but my daughter is using the same one from that last two years. I spent about 60 bucks on a new set from Vera Bradley a few years ago, and it has stayed so nice. I just throw it in the washer and air dry it. It looks brand new. I told her she can go get a new one for middle school.

So our backpacks are ready to go and new water bottles which of course were personalized. 

This is new this year with a homework station ready to go. I purchased a $10 cart from Target and cut out labels for the front. I organized the supplies for easy access and the kids love it so far because they love to draw and craft all the time. The boy says not to bother him, he is crafting (have no idea where he gets that :))!

The kids decided to take lunch this year because I think I can do it for cheaper than buying it at school plus I have a picky eater so sending lunch ensures he will eat what I make him. So we set up a lunch station so we can quickly make lunches every night. I am also planning on having stuff ready and sorted in the fridge as well. 

I got this last year and still love it for all the kids paperwork that comes home. each kids has thier own basket and all that stuff that comes home, goes in there. I sort it out every few weeks.  

So school starts here on August 24 and than I am free for seven glorious hours where I can grocery shop with ease and my house will actually stay somewhat clean (at least from 8 am to 3:30 most days). 

Yes I will miss them but school is so good for them. It teaches way more than just reading and writing. I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful ideas they both will bring home each and every day!

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