Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Herman the Naught Elf- Day 1

My daughter came home yesterday from school in a tizzy that her Elf hadn't arrived and was going to address the issue with a letter to Santa right away about it. She told me that  a lot of the kids had gotten theirs over the Thanksgiving break and she needed to make sure to ask Santa for one especially a naughty one which I found so cute.

So she went to work writing her note to Santa and stuffing her stocking with it and candy to lure the elf here. So she went to bed and well so did Mom but at 1 am, I remembered the elf needed to come so I trekked out of my nice warm bed.  He was going to come on Saturday anyway but I just couldn't deal with seeing her disappointment after all the effort she put into writing to Santa for him.

So Herman arrived this morning with candy wrappers all around. The first thing out of Miss O's mouth was wondering if her elf had arrived. I swear that kid ran down the stars so fast and of course Herman went to school with her today to show all her friends. Lumpy on the other hand was indifferent about him and wanted more to do with his cow puppet.

So let's see how much trouble Herman will get into the coming weeks. I am sure as my husband becomes more involved with it tat we will have an escalation of arms of the naughty stuff the elf will do . I love that we can give them the "magic" of Christmas!

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