Monday, November 26, 2012

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Christmas Wreath

I took all of Thanksgiving week off more because I was sick than anything. I finally think all the icky stuff is out of here and we can now be healthy for the rest of this year. We have lots going on and to start off with, December is almost here and I am so excited for the Holiday season. I have been planning my theme this year that I want to do in my living room now that it is an official room instead of pieced together dining/ kids playroom. For some reason the bright greens, blues, pinks, and purples caught my eye. I think I am still carrying a torch after last years fun homemade ornaments on the white tree.

I knew I wanted to use the white tree again and when I went to pull it out of storage, I noticed it had yellowed. I was mildly upset more so because of now what was I going to do and not the three bucks it cost me. So I bought a thin white tree when I was at the craft store before Thanksgiving which actually works out better for what I want to do with it.

So the first project I am showing you is the fun wreath I created for above the piano in the living room. I was at the Nutcracker Market and saw all these beautiful wreaths from Paul Michaels and I thought I could do that and well sure enough they showed you how to create them using the stuff they had. Buying the items cost about an eight of what they were charing for the wreaths.

I knew that I wanted to have the above colors as well as peacock accents, so I have been picking up for weeks anything in that color palette for the room. I have to say this was one fun wreath to create and took me less than an hour to create it. The only downfall was glitter was every where from the ornaments and the glittery sprays of stuff I stuck in. I love how it turned out though my hubby not so much. When I showed him it, his response was it is blue! It doesn't bother me because he doesn't understand design.

I used a wreath blank that already had the greens attached. It was considered an incomplete green wreath. I added in the blue ribbon/mesh stuff and than added in the white and pink ribbons as well. I stuck in a variety of leaf and spiral spray pieces and than hot glued on the variety of ornaments. The rest will be going on the tree that I am decorating in the same colors. 

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