Monday, December 3, 2012

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Peacock Christmas Tree

As you saw last week, I did a peacock colored wreath so of course I had to do a tree in the same colors.

I really wanted to do my living room in some fun and elegant colors because it is not really a traditional room in the sense of tradition.  I had this idea for the color scheme weeks ago and when I was straightening out the storage bin, I found my white tree had yellowed. I was a tad upset about it but not to much because I did only pay three bucks for it. I went back to the drawing board because I knew I would have to work with a green tree instead but than I stumbled upon this pencil thin white tree on sale and it spoke ti me. When my hubby saw it, he said another tree but I reminded him I had thrown two out because they yellowed so he let me by.

I love the wild colors of the tree with purples, pinks, greens, and of course my favorite blue.  I also decided that this was more of a floral piece so I decorated it in that way. Now I am planning on doing something fun for my dining room table as well with those colors.

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