Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Back to School-Yeah

"It's a school night" shot out of my mouth for the first time in twelve or so weeks. The kids groaned loudly but went to bed. Excited for what was ahead this coming school year. Heck I am excited for the coming school year.

The summer flew by in a flash. We got most of what we wanted to get done. Trips to the zoo and the water parks. Never made it to the beach but with all the seaweed  not to sure we would have wanted to go any ways. Still need to go to the children's museum but one weekend for sure is what we promised. We did hit every other museum though one day in June.

The girl is happy with her new class, and the boy meets his teacher on Tuesday ( he still is a week away from starting 4K- which means he is one year away from kinder). Wow the time is sure flying as we get older.

Our summer was filled with all sorts of things. Some wonderful like our road trip throughout the Midwest. The hubby tried but we just won't go up in the Gateway Arch but found the museum there awesome. Some hard things that we don't want to relive but made us realize that we are getting older.

First and foremost my kids will tell you they had a great summer. The swam like crazy with the youngest actually starting to swim more on his own with out a life vest- I needed a stiff drink after watching him because he rattled my nerves with his bravery.

As a parent, it is my job to insure the kids have a great life. I try to limit worry but I don't shy away for it. Worry is okay because it shows them we are human as well. It is our job as parents to help them grow in as many ways as possible.

As the school year starts, I sit here reflecting at how great my kids are. Everyone's kids are great! I see them becoming wonderful people and count the success of my marriage on how well the kids are doing. They are doing well and we are doing well even when we all drive each other up the wall.

So as I send the kids off again for another school year, I hope for the same things. Lots of growth, education, and of course lots of fun times. As a whole we learn so much more together. The kids are sponges who love to sit and watch Dad fix his car or help Mom with a sewing project. When It is all said and done, my hope is my kids remember as much as possible for the things we did for them in their childhood.

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