Sunday, August 23, 2015

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Back to School (Doing the Happy Dance)!

Monday is back to school and YEAH!!! Could I shout it any louder? Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and it great to spend the time together and I will one day look back all teary eyed thinking about how they were so little as this disgusting teenager farts on their way out of the kitchen. Oh wait I have a preteen and kindergartner who already do that!

I actually like having my kids go to school because they thrive on structure. I am pretty sure my nine year old read like a whole two hours all summer (okay she ready nearly every night but it was junk stuff i.e. Star Wars and Sport Stats). So new rule is that once school starts back up we read things with some purpose so compromise was some Goosebump books. She is pretty good about reading substance over fluff for the most part.

I look forward to hearing all about the wonderful things they are learning every day. Sometimes they even surprise me with new stuff or with stuff, I didn't think they were learning yet. History club was awesome last year because we had lots of great conversations about the world.

This is he first year I have both kids in school full time. One very excited fourth grader and one not so sure about kindergarten. We talk about the expectations that we have as parents and of course what the teachers will expect. I need to make sure I mention to the kinder teacher that we aren't a Yes Mam or yes sir household (we grew up in the north where you just don't do it).

So the bet is on on how long the boy will be be before he gets his first conduct mark at school. The girl has yet to get one and is do for one here soon. Most likely hers will because of my laziness of signing the folder which starts somewhere around January which is of course the time I need to bribe the teacher as well with some sweets or liquor (all depends on what her likes are).

It is also the time of year where I need to determine what sort of parent I will be for each kids teacher. Yes I am happy to be your room Mom but only if I can be the head one and I get good Moms who are willing to help out but hey if you already have like nine Moms who want to be room Mom, I am happy to just be helpful which is pretty much what I am most years except the year I was asked to be the room mom back in May if the teacher got my kid. Good thing I like the teacher because I said yes and for the most part it was a great experience. I had lots of great help but I am not shy from asking for it either.

I have one friend who somehow always gets stuck with no room mom so she somehow gets roped into it. I am figuring odds are high in our favor that our girls will be together, so I guess odds are I will be the fourth graders room mom this year and than the guilt will come into play so likely I will be the kindergartner''s one than add on on my PTA duties plus I was thinking of going back to work. Okay maybe I will just be a very helpful parent to them. Decisions decisions decisions.

The other parenting decision will be how much I want to interact with the teacher. My belief is to have an open relationship but not to bug to much. I rarely question the teacher because they are educated in it and even though I am quite educated, this doesn't mean it is education. I would hate to be a teacher and have that former teacher parent questioning everything. I would hate for any parent to question everything I do as a teacher so I am not a hover helicopter parent though once the hubby's drone project is up and running, we may have one follow them to school every day.

I try to be somewhere in between with the kids. I care but I also trust in the teacher. If we have a good relationship, I hope they can come to me when a problem arises and vice versa. That is why I honestly like having repeat teachers but this year, it will be a new one for kinder because the teacher left to be a Mom and I never have had a fourth grader before so it will be a new experience.

Overall I have been lucky as a parent with my kids school. They are learning so much and I enjoy being a part of the experience as well. I try to be just involved enough where I am known but yet not the mom who is constantly up there. I also enjoy my time away from the kids. So here is to another great school year.

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