Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Cooler Weather and Warm Food

The other night something came over me and I made the simplest dinner but was it good. I just did simple grilled cheeses and tomato soup. What is with grilled cheese and tomato soup that is so darn good. My husband was annoyed that there wasn't to much tomato soup left when he got home because both kids inhaled theirs and enjoyed the richness of the sandwiches.

Okay I admit I just don't make  regular grilled cheese. I used cheese bread I had picked up and nice provolone cheese on mine. My hubby and kids prefer the regular old wrapped cheese slices. The bread just gave it that extra punch that I like when I make a good old comfort food. The soup warmed us all up and yes I am a total milk user when it comes to tomato soup. It makes it so much more creamy.

I am so glad it is cooling down here in Texas, okay cooling down is like in the 60's and 70's but that is cool when you had a summer of triple digits. Warm soups and comfort foods trigger for me the holiday seasons and thus begins that holiday creep into our lives. So what will I make tonight, quite possible a big bowl of chicken pho soup which is amazing too (great for colds).

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