Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Turkey Day

Last night I prepped my turkey and put it in a cooking bag. I have never used ti before but everyone swears by them so I thought I would try it. Turkey is a food I have always been successful with but I am one of those people that baste and baste until I can't baste anymore. My turkeys have always turned out really good so this year, I am excited to try the cooking bag and not have to baste like crazy. I am planning on doing other things with the time not spent basting.

I also made green bean casserole which is not one of my favorites but the rest of the family loves it so I made it. It might actually turn out good and my keep it healthy trick was using WW cream cheese in it instead of the full fat. My pumpkin pies are done too- yes we have two and I plan on freezing one because we don't need two but I had so much filling, I had to make two.

So the only thing I have left is to make the sweet potatoes. This are always super easy to make. I just take the canned ones, drain, and add some pancake syrup and brown sugar. I just bake it in the oven and it comes out great. I have in the past made it my mashing them and adding a banana but this year I just want some traditional  ones.

All this good food for us is awaiting us. The meal is a good one but even better is spending time with my three favorite people. We sit together and just enjoying have some good conversation and watch Mr. L give his food to the dog!

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