Monday, August 20, 2012

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Repurposed Desk

Miss O has been asking for a desk for awhile now. She wants a quiet place to do her school work, color, and create her masterpieces. I have been pushing it off because I thought where the heck would I stick a desk in her room which is already packed with so much. But than driving past a garage sale Saturday morning a red desk spoke to to me. I got out with a friend and took a look. For ten bucks I snapped it up right away.

When I got it home, I noticed it was from World Market so it wasn't cheap when it was first purchased and I suspect that it had been painted that red color from a white at some point. I got some neat pink paint that I knew she was going to love and started to work on it when I realized that I never took a before picture of it. So believe me it was red and scuffed up a great deal.

So with about 4 coast of pink paint (I used the stuff with primer in it) and sore arms, it was transformed to this pink color. She loves it and couldn't wait to find a place for it in her room. I rearranged a bunch of stuff (finding a new location for the Dream House) and set it up for her. She has one of the extra kitchen table chairs right now to use until I find her a different chair. She used it with in ten minutes of me putting it in there and was so happy. Now she is wondering when her computer is going to arrive to put on it (that isn't happening anytime soon though).

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