Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Supergirl to the Rescue

Miss O had a birthday party to attend a few weeks ago and it was a Superhero party. The only superhero shirt she has is a Spiderman one that is way to small and has already found its way into little bro's closet. So I told her she could go pick out a shirt at the store to wear, The problem was their were no girly super hero shirts. We went lots of places to look for it.

So she found this red superman shirt and that was what she wanted.

I said okay and than she asked knowing full wellI would do it to girl it up for her. So we went to the fabric store and picked out some fabric that coordinated with the shirt. I than went to work trimming the bottom and adding on a two tiered hello and black skirt to it.

She was over the moon when it was done and loved it so much. She told me it was so cool (lucky she is 6 and I am still cool). The morning of the party, she came running into our room and asked if she could get dressed right away so of course we did.

The outfit was a hit at the party for her special friend who is super sweet (he wore a tie to her party because he wanted to look nice for her)!

So here she is in her Supergirl Dress!

Isn't she sassy looking!

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