Monday, June 3, 2013

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Changing it up!!!

I have had this same old boring Galleryesque wall since we painted it back about seven years ago. I change out the pictures but haven't at all changed out the layout.

It is a typical layout on the wall that I was proud of. Notice I said I was. I have been wanting to change it up but because of this funk I was in, nothing seemed to click for me. 

So I started trolling the world wide web to get ideas. I loved the full wall of stuff and I also didn't want to spend a boatload of money on it either. So I went to work seeing what I had around the house. 

I had this awesome chipboard word of "FAMILY" which I painted black and distressed out. 

I really like how it turned out and it was super quick to do. I just painted it, let it dry, and than sanded the edges of it. 

As I was looking around, I so wanted to have a letter B for Benson but all of the ones I had were in use so I had an excuse to travel to the craft store to purchase one. I paid about 2 bucks for it plus 50 cents for the scrapbook paper. I just glued down the paper on the letter, cut out, sanded and than sealed with more glue. 

I also so wanted to put somewhere in the Gallery wall setting our established year. This was another super easy project. I took a one dollar frame and took chalkboard contact paper and smoothed it over the glass, and reset in the frame. I than took a paint like white ink marker and wrote 2002 and did the outline. I than took some white stamp ink and smudged it on to give it a more chalkboard look. 

Finally I found that adorable sign which  caught my attention numerous times through the store when I was getting the supplies for the letter. How freaking cute is it!!!

So after everything was dry, I started to just stick stuff up in a random order. The boy was very upset and kept telling me to put the pictures back up. So as they all did go back up,  along with the added elements, he was happy. When it was all up, he told me it was awesome which is pretty much his usual praise for things. 

I am really liking it and it was cheap to do like under 15 bucks. The most expensive thing was the Wish sign at like 7 bucks. 

Here is the completed project.

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