Friday, January 18, 2013

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Easy Chili Mac

Last week at the grocery store they had a meal deal where if you bought the pre made ground bet, you got a bunch of free stuff. I sort of forgot about the cooked ground beef until I ventured into the fridge and found it. It wasn't expired which was good so I thought what could I make with it. I dug around the pantry (it isn't really digging hard since I redid it) and found things to make chili with so with:

- 1 package of cooked ground beef
- 2 cans of kidney beans drained
- 1 can of diced italian style diced tomatoes
- 1 can of tomato sauce (12 oz)
- 1 diced onion
-2 cups cooked elbow pasta

I took my trusty dutch oven and added some olive oil in and sautéed the onions. I than added in the ground beef and the rest of the stuff. I let it cook and boiled water for the elbow pasta. Once the elbow pasta was cooked, I added that in to the chili mix and let it simmer for another ten minutes or until the chili mac thickens up (the noodles absorb the liquid).

I topped it with some shredded cheese and well it was a hit (there was just a small bowl left over).

It was a quick stick to your ribs meal that everyone liked. I like when I have zero idea what I am going to make and than I start digging to make a hit for the family.

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