Monday, January 21, 2013

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Cars Artwork

My son LOVES Cars and anything related to Cars. When we watched the Rose Parade he squealed in delight when he saw the huge float and lost it when Mater came out.

For Christmas his Grandparents got him the huge Cars shaped race car bed. His words the moment he saw it was "perfect". So I have been trying to move his room from the baby stuff he had in there to a more toddler loves cars look. We saw some adorable metal signs at Hobby Lobby  that are Route 66 inspired so I noticed they were on sale this week so we picked up a few.

I than took down his pictures which had both kids initials in them  (it was a remnant from when they shared a room) and  redid them using some free clipart I found on the internet. I also took some colored card stock and covered the mats to match the Cars. Oh my did Mr. L just love them and now he gets to look at his favorites every day.

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