Wednesday, January 9, 2013

# sew # Wednesday

Owl Purse

I love owls and a few of you know that. I actually have an adorable 9 year old friend who is always on the look out for owls and tells me when she finds a cute one. 

I have been seeing this owl purse on Pinterest but it only links to a pattern already sold but I got this quilting catalog this week and low and behold there was the pattern that I had been searching for plus it was an instant download.  So in my boredom I dug through my stuff and found everything I needed to make it. 

I had bought this fabric on the sales rack at Wally world over the summer. It was two bucks for 8 yards (I bought all the packs they had). I thought how cute an owl pattern to make an owl bag. 

I had one modification and made the strap longer for myself so it hangs crossbody. The pattern has it measured for a crossbody for a kid. I am sure Miss O is going to want one to when she sees it so another one will be made here soon.