Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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New Bench Covers for the Windows

I am so ashamed I didn't do this so much sooner. I thought it was harder and more expensive than it actually was. So today is a no sew project.

I had been wanting since we redid the kitchen years ago to make pads for the window boxes in the kitchen. Even though we had repainted them, they got icky over the years and it didn't help that someone had decided to take their hard boiled egg and mush it into the wood.

I had the fabric from the get go and I found it the other day and set it aside. I vowed to myself that we would get it done soon. So i ventured to the super hardwood store and found nearly the right size boards for 4 bucks a piece. Okay I thought that was cheap but the foam is expensive. Not so at the craft store with my 4o percent off coupon. Everything said and done had it cost me like 30 bucks (not counting the fabric I had for years).  The boy liked it so much that he wanted one for his room, so I made another one in of course car fabric.

The kids love sitting on them and the girl is trying to figure out how we can move the table over to use them for actual benches (table is to short).

When they were finished my hubby told me how nice the fabrics went together, thinking I had just picked it out when I confessed that I had bought it when I bought the other fabric for the curtains.

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