Monday, April 22, 2013

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Photo Frame Upcycle

I had this regular old long frame with four of the kids pictures in it when all of sudden it fell off the wall (the winds were bad and it is an outside wall). The glass shattered and instead of throwing it away, I took the frame and repurposed it in a new way.

I had everything on hand at home. I dug around my stuff and found some foam board, cork, and burlap.   I cut the foam board to fit inside the frame because the was pretty banged up from the fall. I than glued down some cork and layered on the burlap and stapled that around the back. I hot glued it in and there I has a cute cork board but of course I had to take it one step further and hot glued the little clips on and added on the ribbon to hang it. The pictures are the kids spring ones. I can easily change it out and I can also tack stuff up there if I want to. I love when I can redo something into something awesome without spending any money.

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