Sunday, August 18, 2013

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Recycled Art

My husband and I wandered into Downtown Houston for the Flea by Night Market at Discovery Green Park.  It was a quaint little market with a variety of goods. One of the vendors was The Tin Armadillo  who took cans of all sizes and created amazing artwork out of it. On our first pass of the market this hanging lamp caught my eye and I wondered where I would stick it.

After we tried some of the yummy food from the food truck, we passed them again and I decided that this lamp would find a place to live in my home. I am a sucker for owls and the artist told me they had also done a sculpture as well of an owl which had sold. Lucky thing for me that if I had seen it I might have ended up with that too.

So today my hubby hung the lamp in the corner of my living room over where my white tree is. I love the soft purple blue light that radiates out of it. It is such a unique piece of artwork that was hand created. I love handmade things!

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