Sunday, February 21, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover

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I honestly have to say I was beginning to really dislike my master bedroom. It is grey and well uninspiring for the most part. My blinds I believe were from when the first people who lived here. The were metal and pretty much falling apart. So for Christmas, I really wanted new ones which had to be ordered because of the weird sizes the windows are.

So I finally got around to ordering them and guess what someone mismeasured them so I had to reorder new ones. So once they came, I hung them all by myself. When I finished doing that, I of course really wanted new curtains which led to a trip to Target which lets be honest didn't end that well for the bank account.

So new curtains, bedding, some furniture and accessories (some found around my house) to complete the look. It looks like a whole new room and I love it!

I created a new gallery wall of the family because they are so important to why we are who we are. A fun new storage ottoman helps with extra blankets and a sitting place. I also created a slip cover for my rocker that was red.