Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer Around the Corner!

I said to my hubby the other morning- "I can not wait for summer to start."

He put down his tablet and asked "Why? Doesn't that mean the kids are with you ALL day?"

I replied "Yes it does mean that but we are all burned out. It is a constant fight every morning to get everyone up and ready"

So yes I am done. I have been in survival mode for a few weeks ago. I cheered last week when the Kinder teacher said no more reading logs! We are taking a break. I was furious when we got the long email about the 4th graders final project because it seems that my full parenting would have to continue, no more of this limping along but my awesome daughter, well she is on top of it. Plus the last few weeks she is actually liking school after a year where more tears were shed than all the other years combined. 4th grader girls are awful, just awful!

I want more days where we lay around in our pjs and watch movies. Kids came home yesterday afternoon drenched from the rain. Everyone instantly put pjs on and the little homework that needed to get done got done and than we just laid around. Kids watched a movie and it was a quiet night.

I love that because it seems we are always racing around. Tonight, I have plans plus the hubby has to take the girl to batting practice. The weekend is filled with a few things as well. But the end is near.  It feels never ending.

Yes I have given up on making lunches because I was told they didn't like them so either make them your self or buy. I do not care if it is all sweet things.

Showers have become more optional than I like because heck the pool is being played in most afternoons.

I have fun plans for the summer. I have been introducing them slowly to the kids so when summer does start, they understand expectations.

They have a fun tripped planned with their grandparents an doc course our month in WI where we plan on just relaxing and enjoying being around the family.

School is wonderful and come August, I know I will be counting the days to the start of school. They will have been on every single last nerve that I have but we will also have a summer with tons of memories. I want my kids to be kids because adulting is hard!

I want more days like this!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wall Update

Spring is in full bloom here in Texas and summer is creeping at its heels with the warm temps. We had enough rain for a month over the last two days and it is raining on and off today. I love spring and I am totally in love with some of my new decor things. 

I am all about aqua/teal and accenting it all. I am also in love with American decor but with a twist. 

I love my new Heidi Swapp Marquee sign. I was stalking it on Amazon which it was sold out and than it appeared at Hobby Lobby. Joann's had more stuff for it and I love that I can change out sayings. I also love my marquee letter and star.

My wreath got a new banner which was the cutout from my cute shadow box project below from adorable States paper. I am a sucker for anything state and travel related. 

Finally my awesome decorated globe. My hubby laughed at me when I bought it at a garage sale and it did not look like this. After some coats of spray paint and the flowers, I love how it turned out. 

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover

I honestly have to say I was beginning to really dislike my master bedroom. It is grey and well uninspiring for the most part. My blinds I believe were from when the first people who lived here. The were metal and pretty much falling apart. So for Christmas, I really wanted new ones which had to be ordered because of the weird sizes the windows are.

So I finally got around to ordering them and guess what someone mismeasured them so I had to reorder new ones. So once they came, I hung them all by myself. When I finished doing that, I of course really wanted new curtains which led to a trip to Target which lets be honest didn't end that well for the bank account.

So new curtains, bedding, some furniture and accessories (some found around my house) to complete the look. It looks like a whole new room and I love it!

I created a new gallery wall of the family because they are so important to why we are who we are. A fun new storage ottoman helps with extra blankets and a sitting place. I also created a slip cover for my rocker that was red.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Painted Owl

The girl and I loved doing a Holiday painting class so of course I was inspired and found some adorable precut unpainted shapes. I have been wanting an owl for my front door and well I painted it n some fun colors for the cooler temps. It was my real first attempt at it and I know I will get better. I used vinyl for our name and some mesh ribbon I had around the house. 

I am also working on a shamrock for St. Patty's Day. 

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Here I come

Let's be honest everyone has lofty dreams for the new year. I am no exception. 2014, I was set some great goals and meet them for the most part. For 2015 I honestly didn't get around to it because of my accident and it set a negative tone for the year, so this year I decided to once again make some goals for myself to help give me some guidance for the year. 

First thing is that I have a memory journal that I plan on working on every month. I actually scheduled myself a few times each month to journal in it and I have some prompts to work with as well as goals I am working on each month. 

My goals for the year are…

Take more photos

Journal monthly

Blog more

Be Healthier

Make more homemade gifts!

Be more forgiving of others and myself!

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 What A Year!

I haven't been on the blog in like six weeks and mostly due to being super busy. First we went to Disney at the start of November, got back to it nearly being Thanksgiving break for the kids, a variety of holiday things, and of course me planning like three different holiday events one of which included about 400 people. 

November and December have been great months for my family and myself but I can't say the same for the first ten months of this year. By the time October hit, honestly I was done. I had Disney to look forward to but it was hard and I felt very bleak. It didn't help getting the flu on my birthday and being bed bound for nearly five days and the hubby being out of town. Truthfully it took all my might to not throw in the towel. Good thing I had my annual Doctor's appointment and well upon discussion with him, I decided that maybe taking something for my anxiety which was at fever pitch would help. 

You bet it did and I think I enjoyed Disney so much more because I wasn't stressed nor did I level stress on the hubby or kids. It was truly a magical experience and after the first ten months, it was well deserved by all of us. 

When I had my accident in January, it honestly changed my life. Slicing three tendons in my hand was a hard injury to bounce back from. Even my doctor told me that I made it through it with flying colors and many give up with this type of injury. I was bound and determined to regain use of my hand and through 14 weeks of intense and I mean tears flowed daily because of pain and feeling of defeat at times, to reagin use of my hand. 

It was the most wonderful thing in April, yes April, when I was finally able to make a full fist. It hurt like hell but it was the most wonderful thing I was able to do after the long months of stretching, exercising and the splints. It felt like every week was a new splint. 

Adding to all of this stress, my poor Mom got a horrible infection in her hip which hospitalized her for over a month. She had to wait six months for a hip replacement which happened back in September. She is finally on the mend after over a year of pain between her double knee replacement in November of 2014, the hip infection, and hip replacement. It was such a relief that she is nearly pain free now and able to walk without assistance. 

Combing the fact that I had a fender bender with the van in April and Matt was in a serious accident in March though walked away with some minor stuff (sore back), it felt like the world might just be against us. It was a tough summer for us as well. I hoped for a turn around and when it finally well it felt like the world was finally lifted off my shoulders. 

It is a hard thing when happiness seems to allude you. You know your life is good but it is hard to see through the dark cloud that surrounds you. I know many will be surprised because I seemed happy on the outside. I guess fake it till you make. Some friends knew I was struggling and I am forever grateful for their friendships while honestly others showed thier true selves which made me realize that they weren't really friends at all. I know that I am not the only one struggling in life because I see so many around me in pain. I have seen more marriages than I like fall apart over the last few years and I struggle daily to make sure mine stays healthy. It should be work because the best things are the things we work for. When it gets easy, than it isn't working. 

I am getting older, my parents are getting older and my children are growing so fast. I feel like I just brought the oldest home and she will be ten in April. The baby is nearly six years old and half way through his kinder year of school. I work hard to try and be in the moment but it is hard with the goings of our daily lives. We need to remember the good times and weather the tough times. I am lucky to have a great partner and children who are there for me if we sink or swim. 

I am looking forward to 2016. It has to be better than 2015 though right now nothing can top our magical vacation. Let's toast to a year of learning and growth because I won't be the person I am today without it. It has taught me to value the simpler things and enjoy the present. 

Here's to wishing everyone a wonderful 2016!

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Quick Xmas Gifts

My Mother in law can be tough to buy for and every year I struggle but this year I decided to make her a few things that were monogrammed per more her style.

I love the bracelet and am going to be
making more of these because they were super simple.

The shadow box is actually something she has been hinting about for awhile and after Xmas sales are wonderful for getting the stuff at a good price.

Finally I love cute bags and I struggled with what design and decided to go with a more southwest style which is more her. It makes a cute bag to give the presents in as well.

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