Friday, April 24, 2015

Casing the Catty #27 Blog Hop- Memories

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The memory keeping section of SU's Occasions catalog is one of my favorites and I nearly got all of it because I loved it so much. I loved the travel idea and using the Project Life products, I have created our adventure book for 2015 (We are an adventurous family).

I always like to search Pinterest for ideas as well as the catties as well. I am using inspiration from page 46-47 as well as Pinterest. I loved the idea of covering the front of the Project Life albums and always do so with these smaller ones.  I created my page using MDS and my ecutter per a design I had pinned.

Inside, I made separators for each of our trips using MDS (I am going to use it till I can't any more even though they won't support it). 

I was also inspired using the Stamp Set So You on page 48 and yes I have the little album as well that I have been working on.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Hand Recovery - post op 12 weeks

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Its been nearly 13 weeks since my accident and to be honest it has been a hard 13 weeks for me. I never thought getting up the January Sunday morning that I would start an odyssey of recovery like nothing I have gone through before. You truly don't know what life has in store and never in a million years would I thought I would ever be going through this.

I still vividly remember that beautiful day learning the new scooter. The fence planks still look brand new even though I think they have been fixed for awhile. I still occasionally have a nightmare where I am again slamming into the gate. It was the worst instant pain I have ever gone through. I am still amazed that I didn't break anything- actually a broken arm would have been a far quicker recovery than three cut tendons and surgery to repair.

I have been going through about 12 weeks on occupational therapy and likely more weeks to come still. My OT told me my tendons are now as strong as they were pre accident but they are still very tight but I have made huge leaps and bounds in getting my fingers and wrist moving again. I am near functionality level with my wrist both ways but I still have way more to go. 

I also still can't make a fist, it is more of a wrapping my hand around a pole. I can touch my inside hand after some stretching and a splint to pull at my fingers. I have had a total of 5 splints made for my hand. The first was a static one which I began to loathe because I wore in 24/7 for weeks. The only relief was when I started on the second splint- a dynamic one which started getting the fingers moving. It had a ton of pulleys and rubber bands. I cried after that was given to me because it hurt. 

I was finally allowed out of that one about two weeks ago even though I was already transitioning out gently. I also got a gentle splint to get my fingers moving and than a more aggressive one as well that bends my fingers for about an hour at a time. 

So this is that wonderful splint that I have to wear up to two hours a day. I usually last one hour, take break and than do another hour later in the day because I feel like my fingers are getting numb. 

This is the splint to get my wrist moving forward. I am able to move it back okay but now with this one, I can have way more mobility with my wrist. 

Finally here is my wrist as it has healed. I have been told that the scar will fade and shouldn't be that noticeable by next year. 

Its been a long road of recovery and still have some more to do. I can do more each and every day plus why would a bum hand stop me from doing the things I love to do I still craft a ton and even have sewn some. I don't have to wear a splint 24/7 any more and yes I get weird questions about my fuzzy nails (velcro for the splint). People ask about it and I tell the why. It makes me sound sort of like badass though if you know me, I am so far from that. 

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Casing the Catty # 25 BABY Blog Hop

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My house is not a baby house and hasn't been for quite awhile and around me very few babies are entering the world so this week's CTC was hard for me.  

The baby section in our occasions catalog is super cute but I haven't gotten anything because I haven't had the need to. My kids are 9 and 5 so no diapers are here any more.

SO I admit to struggling a lot with this one and finally settled on creating a digital page. My Digital Studio is no longer going to be supported after May 1 so I figured one last hooray using it for a challenge. I love MDS and use it a lot. I will still use it but will miss the new digital stamps being offered.

I was inspired by page 38 of the occasions catalog. I left my picture section blank and figured I could also change out name if I would like to print it out o gift to someone.

You still have time o check out MDS- maybe if they get a ton of downloads, they will keep supporting it. It has been a favorite to work with over the years. I am pretty attached to it. 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sick Day = Craft Day

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The oldest is sick today so no school or softball. It is so hard because it is such a pretty day so I made use of being in all day (only going out to drop/pick up he younger one from preschool). So I caught up on some scrapbook projects as well as a cute art display sign for my fridge.