Tuesday, April 3, 2018

One Week with the Glowforge

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Did I say it loud enough? The Glowforge is so much fun and of course I am using it every single day to make something. If I have an idea, I can usually draft my project and cut it in under an hour if not sooner. 

Here are some of my projects that I have been working on. The Catan board was by far the longest cut (9 hours over to cut over four days).

The family set it up as I cut the last few pieces. It was so much nicer than the board you get with the game because this doesn't move. 

I really am into jewelry as well and trying my hand at different designs of stuff like plaques and bookmarks!

The picture doesn't do it justice- I made this for my niece and painted it with metallic paints

My own design in metallic paints

Not all who wander in Gallifrey keychain

My heart is in WI

From the catalog

I so wanted to engrave a octopus!

Mom can I have a Wonder Woman necklace

I love you bookmark in Gallfryan

My leather feather.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Glowforge Fun, The First 24 hours

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A few years ago, I saw a video on Facebook for a startup laser cutter/printer called Glowforge. I was so fascinated by it and showed it to my hubby who was also really thought it was interesting. We looked at it but decided that we would hold off because it was a two year wait.

Two years go by and well my hubby was still watching that video that showed all the fun things you could make. I mean you watch it and are amazed at how simple it looks and what it creates. So he figured with my big 4-0 coming to surprise me with it. He was so sweet when he told me he got it for me and that it would come in November. Well the arrival date got moved to March and well we hemmed and hawed about still getting it. Than all of a sudden, the email showed up saying it was ready to ship, nearly six months after we ordered.

So we got ready for it and prepped the area for it because it is huge. The proof grade material showed up and than we waited and waited. It was a long nearly two weeks between the email and delivery. So she we finally got "It's out for Delivery" we were so excited. I waited all day for it and finally we all had to leave for ball with both kids. The hubby left a note for UPS to leave it so when he got home, it was there.

So at 10 pm, we set it up and did our first and second print by 10:45. This machine is so easy to use. I spent the first 24 hours having fun with it. The only downsize is the smell is a tad like burnt marshmallows but we are getting use to it.

I made a ton of things some where from the catalog they have and some were from my own design.

Here are some of the fun things I made. I find it to be easy to use and figured I need to just use it.

Wooden pin I found on
My son had me make two more bigger ones we put on stands for his friend and him. 

Here is my machine

Acrylic key chain. I used my Cricut to do the monogram. 

Fun little box

Feather necklace. This was the second cut made 

Jewelry ser

Periodic Element Clock that I designed myself. 

The start of the Catan Board!

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Godzilla 8th Birthday Party

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My son wanted a birthday party his year to celebrate his 8th birthday.  I said sure but we needed to have it at the house because last year we did Dave and Busters. 

So I figured I could do a Spy or Army theme but no he wanted a Godzilla theme. This kid LOVES Godzilla. He was Godzilla for Halloween (that is his costume that big sis is wearing). He watches the movies like crazy. El Rey had a marathon on for Christmas so we watched a bunch of them. 

So I started the task of seeing what was out there for Godzilla party supplies. Nothing Nada and nope on that area. Yes if I wanted to pay outrageous prices for vintage 1998 Godzilla movie supplies but nope that wasn't going to happen. 

So with two weeks and the holiday break, I was able to figure out an idea and set it in motion. 

My plan was to have Monarch Agent Training (Monarch is the secret agency in the new Godzilla and Kong movies). 

Using one of my digital scrapbook programs, I created a fun invite for the boys and mailed them out all like they were secret agents. 

My invite turned out super cute:

The kids ate it up and were so excited to come and train. So here I was honestly now trying to figure out what I could do for a group of 8 year old boys that would be fun, not be speed through and be like they were being trained. 

After I thought some, I came up with some ideas to do at the party. 

I figured out the five following games for the boys to play while here and each was a part of their "training".

Our first game was to match the Kaiju monster to his name (Know your Enemies) . The kids were stumped but they had a blast trying to figure out who was who. They worked in teams to figure out who Mothra and Rodan were. It was surprising at how well they knew some of the famous monsters. 

We than went on to learn about Godzilla's power by pinning his fire on him. The boys thought this was hysterical and they loved turning the others around and trying their hand. 

Our third game was target practice where I built a homemade bunch board and loaded it up with Godzilla eggs. The boys used Nerf guns to try and break the tissue paper. It was harder than it looked and most boys had to go twice to get their eggs. 

Our fourth game was diffusing the bomb where we had the boys stick on huge monster slippers and try to pop the ballon. Some boys instantly popped where others, it was harder. Having large floppy feet wasn't so easy. 

Our final games was defeating Godzilla which was a piñata. Now we had to be careful because nearly all but 2 of the boys play baseball so swinging the stick we had to watch out. Boy did they have fun destroying.

The boys had a blast with all of the training and of course the cake and presents. They each went home with a goodie bag full of Dinos and Dino gliders. They also had treats as well to take home. 

Food was another thing I struggled with because it was an afternoon party and it was to late for lunch and to early for dinner, so we served snacks. We went to the Hong Kong market to get fun Asian treats where the boys were able to try shrimp sticks, rock candy, hi-chews and seaweed crisps. I also got a huge bag of fortune cookies which was a huge hit. 

The other thing I got was the marble soda drink that they kids loved. The loved popping the marble in and having some fizzy drink.  I also served some cheese and crackers as well.

The cake was my son's creation. He picked the colors out and than we decorated with mini Godzillas. 

Here is my food table of treats!

We also had our fun table for the matching game and cake. 

I also love to randomly decorate for the event. I created fun and very simple front door entrance.

The favorite thing was our city scape back drop. The kids took pics with Godzilla and than at the end we let Liamzilla rampage through the city scape. Kids love destroying things and knocking the buildings down. 

Here is video of his rampage:

The party was great and my son told me it was the best party ever. He now has a new set of nerf guns and of course bullets are every where. 

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