Monday, April 29, 2013

Decorated Jar

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My friend Karen over at Paisley Petals had this AWESOME decorated Chore Jar set for her girls and herself. I  was so inspired to decorate my own mason jar with some fun SU papers and fabrics. I love the idea behind the chore system and this might get made in to that but for now, I have stuck in my kitchen on my shelf.

I just took a clean mason jar and wrapped it with some layered DSP paper and than bunched a scallop circle and regular circle. I than added on the giant button which I threaded with the twine which of course I wrapped around the outside to. I dug around in my fabric stash because I knew I had the coordinating fabric to the paper and after about five minutes of me thinking, I must be out of it, I found it. I stuck a square piece and screwed the ring back on. There you have it- a quick and simple project anyone would love to get for a gift!

Now what should I fill it with????

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Floor Pillows

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I saw this PIN last week when I was bored  during Miss O's soccer practice.  I than for some reason decided to go look for some fabric on the app (yeah that is both a good and bad thing).  I found the perfect fabric on there which I instantly loved and if you know me I am drawn to owls. I than looked for a complimenting fabric as well and took a guess with this one. I was a tad worried they might not go together because picture colors can be different but once they arrived, they were perfect together. 

I cut two large squares about 20 inches x 20 inches of the owl print and than four rectangles 4 inches by 20 inches. I sewed the sides together and than left an opening to put the filling in. I decided to get bean bag filling which as I was sewing this happen with the following conversation:

Me: Kids get the stuffing

Miss O: Okay, here it is. Can we play with the boxes?

Me: Sure but leave the bags of filling alone. 

Miss O: I think this one might be open?

Me: Okay than don't touch it.

(Half a second later)

Mr. L: Oh no!!

Miss O: Oh No!!

Me: A bunch of vulgar words as I turn to see this:

Yeah so the project was not going to be as easy as I thought. So after the kids and I picked it all up and it didn't involve the vacuum at some point, the pillows got done. 

The longest part of it was stuffing them which took about 30 minutes to do where to sew was like 15 minutes. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Photo Frame Upcycle

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I had this regular old long frame with four of the kids pictures in it when all of sudden it fell off the wall (the winds were bad and it is an outside wall). The glass shattered and instead of throwing it away, I took the frame and repurposed it in a new way.

I had everything on hand at home. I dug around my stuff and found some foam board, cork, and burlap.   I cut the foam board to fit inside the frame because the was pretty banged up from the fall. I than glued down some cork and layered on the burlap and stapled that around the back. I hot glued it in and there I has a cute cork board but of course I had to take it one step further and hot glued the little clips on and added on the ribbon to hang it. The pictures are the kids spring ones. I can easily change it out and I can also tack stuff up there if I want to. I love when I can redo something into something awesome without spending any money.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Bench Covers for the Windows

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I am so ashamed I didn't do this so much sooner. I thought it was harder and more expensive than it actually was. So today is a no sew project.

I had been wanting since we redid the kitchen years ago to make pads for the window boxes in the kitchen. Even though we had repainted them, they got icky over the years and it didn't help that someone had decided to take their hard boiled egg and mush it into the wood.

I had the fabric from the get go and I found it the other day and set it aside. I vowed to myself that we would get it done soon. So i ventured to the super hardwood store and found nearly the right size boards for 4 bucks a piece. Okay I thought that was cheap but the foam is expensive. Not so at the craft store with my 4o percent off coupon. Everything said and done had it cost me like 30 bucks (not counting the fabric I had for years).  The boy liked it so much that he wanted one for his room, so I made another one in of course car fabric.

The kids love sitting on them and the girl is trying to figure out how we can move the table over to use them for actual benches (table is to short).

When they were finished my hubby told me how nice the fabrics went together, thinking I had just picked it out when I confessed that I had bought it when I bought the other fabric for the curtains.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Soccer Hair Bows

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I saw some really cute soccer hair bows at the sporting good store but they weren't my daughter's team colors, so I decided to make some for her when she plays.

They are so simple because all I did was tie a big bow out of the soccer ribbon, than add on the red and black ribbon as well. I than stuck a hair clip on and all of it was without hot gluing it though you could if you wanted to.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pallet Garden

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I love seeing all the pallet gardens online and have so been wanting to make one. I got a pallet from a friend and than I found another one all in the same week. This one is the smaller pallet I found.

We as a family wrapped it in the garden fabric and than on the back only added on some chicken wire for reinforcement. We than dumped in the dirt and planted a bunch of flowers. Right now it is flat and I hope I am able to get it up vertical because I think it would look so neat.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot Casserole

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Pinterest is great for all sorts of things and I love finding new recipes on the site. Sometimes they work like the great idea to take one can of pumpkin and a box of spice cake mix to make amazing pumpkin muffins. I have made those a handful of times.

I saw this a pin for Cheesy Chicken tater Tot Casserole from The Country Cook. I had it booked marked because I so wanted to make that. When I did my huge grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I added all those things on my kist to make it so when I finally got around to making it, I was amazed at how quick it came together and how good it was.

I followed the recipe for the most part of course I always add my own twist. I added in one can of cheddar cheese soup along with everything else. It made it extra cheesy and my nearly seven year old is still talking about how much she loves it.

Now I know for future I could totally change it up by using cream of mushroom or cream of chicken. I have a can of cream of jalapeño which I think would be an great addition to the dish.

I took and sprayed the crock pot with cooking spray and started layering the ingredients in.

I used my smaller crock pot so I doubt I used a full bag of tater tots (I bought the huge bag for us). I just layered the bottom with about 2 cups of them. I than added some shredded cheese and than added in the diced chicken. I used three nice size chicken breast but I bet two cans of canned chicken would work as well. I than microwaved and chopped about 6 slices of bacon (It could always use more bacon) and than topped it with the soup and more cheese. I put it on low on the slow cooker and let it go for about 5 hours.

When any dish wins the family over and seconds are asked for, I know it is one I will make again. Plus it was simple and easy which is what I am all about when I am cooking for the family.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bow ties are Cool!!!!

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Okay if you know the reference that you will know that I am really geeking out and made myself a Doctor Who inspired wreath. We all know I love wreaths and happen to make more than I should and I know some of you know I love Doctor Who (total 10th Doctor nut).  As much as I love the Tenth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor did inspire me more because of his adorable bow tie and fondness for wearing fezzes. Now who doesn't love a fez!!!

I am getting way better at making the mesh wreaths and each one comes out a little better than the last one. I used smaller ribbon this time and pipe cleaner tied the heck out of it. I had all of this on hand because I was thinking ahead to the 4th of July. When I started it, I thought I can just switch it to the 4th but no way now. It is staying this way and will be out till the end of season seven and will reappear for the 50th Anniversary coming this fall. I am so excited for that because I hear David Tennant the tenth is coming back and how exciting is that.

So enjoy my fun and whimsical Doctor Who wreath and I doubt there is anything else out there like that!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Craft Closet Reorganization

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I love having all of my craft supplies close at hand but again the closet is getting out of hand. I want to be able to open it and pull supplies out but as you see not so easy. 


I did add on this rack about a month or so ago to help  


I bought two bookcases but only one fit, but it works. I added buckets in and I can see everything I have and pull as I want to create.