Friday, June 26, 2015

CTC # 36 Love and Sympathy Blog Hob

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This week is all about the Love and Sympathy section in the catty for Casing the Catty

One of my favorite sets of all time and is still going strong in the Catty is Thoughts and Prayers on Page 26. I cased a version of the card there using the following:

Mint Macaron Cardstock and Ink
Tip Top Taupe Ink
Whisper White Cardstock
I also used the honeycomb embossing in folder to give it some texture. 

This was a super simple card and I know anyone would appreciate it. 

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Update on Chore Charts

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A few weeks ago, I posted about a new chore chart system for the summer and it has been a HUGE hit in the house. 

I rarely have to ask the kids for help and they pretty much do what is asked in order to earn the Mom bucks. I actually have to print more up because they are doing so well. I have rewarded them both with extra ones for going above and beyond on certain days.

They also work really hard at deciding what they want to spent the Mom bucks on. 

Let's hope we can keep this up!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

CTC # 35 Thanks Blog Hop

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This week's hop at CTC is all about the Catty Section of Thanks. 

I just got my new stuff in and of course I got some new paper which is the new Stack Cherry on Top along with the Cardstack Pack that comes with it. 

I love how it coordinates together and I can see many uses for that. 

I also used a new In Color of Watermelon Wonder and my new stamp set Sprinkles on Top. I loved the little donuts in it. 

Another fun new thing which I won from my Demo Stamp group was the Expressions Natural Elements which are 3D greetings- how cute are those. 

Onward to the next blog: Julia!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Let Them Eat Paper Cake!

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I don't bake and honestly don't really like to because it is to measuring and being precise. I am more a chef where you can play with the ingredients. I have become obsessed with creating a paper cake and finally had some time to sit down and create it. It actually wasn't as much time as I thought it was going to be- about the same of an actual cake. I really love how it turned out plus it is all things I had on hand. I made the cake stand and used a small candle holder for the base. It is made out of a piece of light cardboard and I cut out the circle on top and the scallop edge which I attached.  It is super cute and I would love to set it out with little treats inside the boxes for a party. 

First off I cute 16 boxes in 2 sizes. I was able to cute and put all of the together in about 40 minutes. The Cricut would cut and as the next one was being cut, I put the one before together. I didn't use SU paper because it is heavier and doesn't always cut well so I used some lighter card stock in coordinating colors. One is a mint and the other is a coral. 

I than cut the banner out suing the banner punch and new SU DSP Schoolhouse. It also worked well for for the flowers which I cut using the big flower die for the Big Shot. I tried cutting some using the Cricut but they didn't look right to me so I scrapped them (wasting a whole sheet of paper) and used the die instead. I could put any saying on the banner for any occasion. I left it blank just for fun. 

I would say this took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to make from start to finish. I had to stop and go to a class I had signed up for but once I got back, I started on it again. When I was done, I told my family I had made them a cake. It got a chuckle!

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monogram Pocket Tee

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I have been really wanting to make a monogram pocket tee which are all the rage now. I finally got around to it and created this tee from a shirt I had on hand as well as scrap fabric in my stash. 

I cut out a pocket from this fun lined fabric. I think it was left over from a quilt project. I wanted something nautical looking because I so wanted to do a monogram anchor for the pocket. I sewed the pocket on and than using my trusty Cricut (I love this machine so much and use it for so many things), I created my anchor monogram slicing and welding things together. 

I than cut it out using blue HTV (I would have liked a tad darker but used what I had on hand).

I really like how it turned out. I made a tee for my kiddo using some left over Avenger fabric I had on hand for her. I had to make sure Capt. america was on it. 

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Casing the Catty #34 Blog Hop- Birthdays!

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Welcome to this week's CTC  blog hop which features ideas from the new Birthday section. I am way way behind on everything. School just let out here in Texas and we are in week 1 of summer vacation. I have decided organization is on the menu so I cleaned the kids room top to bottom this week as well as their playroom. I am so behind that I just made my first SU order last week from the new catty which is so unlike me but I have had zero time to actually sit down and decide what goodies I wanted. 

So when I decided to jump on board for this hop, I decided to use a new one from last catty that is returning this catty- Age Awareness as well as Crazy about You (which are two of my favs and so happy they stuck around). 

I took some Hello Honey paper as well as ink to use as the base of the card. Other colors used where Garden green and Blackberry Bliss. You would think I was a first time stamper with how much Blackberry bliss is all over my hands and desk. I am going to chalk it up to still working on motor skills in my left hand (even though the doc cleared me weeks ago and told me I was recovered). 

I think this such simple and pretty card that was inspired off of some Pinterest ideas that were out there.

Hopefully you have checked out everyone's great designs this week. There is so many wonderful ideas out there and I need time to play more with all of it!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Flip Flop Wreath

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I cleaned my craft room today and I admit I have to much stuff. I am crafty so I like to try a variety of new things and am thankful that I have a hubby that enjoys my crafting exploits. He actually likes to get involved as well. He made a crafty sort of purchase that should be arriving soon and I know the kids will be super excited for it when it does arrive. I need to figure out where it is going though when it does show up. 

So as I was cleaning my room and closet (It is my Monica closet as friend likes to call it), I found flip flops that I had purchased on the clearance rack like two years ago and I have always wanted to make a wreath out of them. So when you are crafty and have supplies, one can usually find what one needs to create stuff without going out to buy things. I had everything on hand to create this from my stash. It turned out really cute and it is a heavy one. I had a lot of purple flip flops so I tried as best to spread them out in the wreath. 

The felt flowers were also a clearance find and I just hot glued them on to the wreath as well. It is fun and summery! I bet this wreath cost under 5 bucks in materials when I actually bought the stuff. I think I paid like a quarter for each pair of flip flops and they felt flowers. I see things and always see potential- just need not wait two years!

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Chores for the Summer

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Okay it is officially summer break today for us. I told the kids last Sunday that we would be starting a new chore chart system for the summer because I can't and will not do it all. Today was the real test with them because we had lots to do for the end of the season softball party on Saturday so I wanted to get everything done today. 

The kids have been awesome all week with the chores. Each day they have some daily chores and than maybe one extra one that needs to get done weekly. Every day they have with out fail done all their jobs, took turns with the few that need that and done their daily extra job. Yes some bickering did happen but I told them that if they bickered to much, no Mom bucks (I will get to that in a moment). 

I printed this custom chore chart out and laminated it for each kid and hung it up on the bulletin board. 

So if they do all there stuff all week, they get rewarded with one mom buck for the daily jobs and one for weekly jobs so for a grand total of 10 mom bucks every week. It is all or nothing so if they blow off doing stuff, no mom bucks. Than they can turn it in for different things. 

Funny thing is my five year old was way more excited about this and vacuumed the whole house. Plus they did a bunch of extra stuff to and got a extra today. I also gave them one freebie to start with as well.

So far it is working. I even created play money to give them. They think it is so cute with my face on them. 

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