Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 What A Year!

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I haven't been on the blog in like six weeks and mostly due to being super busy. First we went to Disney at the start of November, got back to it nearly being Thanksgiving break for the kids, a variety of holiday things, and of course me planning like three different holiday events one of which included about 400 people. 

November and December have been great months for my family and myself but I can't say the same for the first ten months of this year. By the time October hit, honestly I was done. I had Disney to look forward to but it was hard and I felt very bleak. It didn't help getting the flu on my birthday and being bed bound for nearly five days and the hubby being out of town. Truthfully it took all my might to not throw in the towel. Good thing I had my annual Doctor's appointment and well upon discussion with him, I decided that maybe taking something for my anxiety which was at fever pitch would help. 

You bet it did and I think I enjoyed Disney so much more because I wasn't stressed nor did I level stress on the hubby or kids. It was truly a magical experience and after the first ten months, it was well deserved by all of us. 

When I had my accident in January, it honestly changed my life. Slicing three tendons in my hand was a hard injury to bounce back from. Even my doctor told me that I made it through it with flying colors and many give up with this type of injury. I was bound and determined to regain use of my hand and through 14 weeks of intense and I mean tears flowed daily because of pain and feeling of defeat at times, to reagin use of my hand. 

It was the most wonderful thing in April, yes April, when I was finally able to make a full fist. It hurt like hell but it was the most wonderful thing I was able to do after the long months of stretching, exercising and the splints. It felt like every week was a new splint. 

Adding to all of this stress, my poor Mom got a horrible infection in her hip which hospitalized her for over a month. She had to wait six months for a hip replacement which happened back in September. She is finally on the mend after over a year of pain between her double knee replacement in November of 2014, the hip infection, and hip replacement. It was such a relief that she is nearly pain free now and able to walk without assistance. 

Combing the fact that I had a fender bender with the van in April and Matt was in a serious accident in March though walked away with some minor stuff (sore back), it felt like the world might just be against us. It was a tough summer for us as well. I hoped for a turn around and when it finally well it felt like the world was finally lifted off my shoulders. 

It is a hard thing when happiness seems to allude you. You know your life is good but it is hard to see through the dark cloud that surrounds you. I know many will be surprised because I seemed happy on the outside. I guess fake it till you make. Some friends knew I was struggling and I am forever grateful for their friendships while honestly others showed thier true selves which made me realize that they weren't really friends at all. I know that I am not the only one struggling in life because I see so many around me in pain. I have seen more marriages than I like fall apart over the last few years and I struggle daily to make sure mine stays healthy. It should be work because the best things are the things we work for. When it gets easy, than it isn't working. 

I am getting older, my parents are getting older and my children are growing so fast. I feel like I just brought the oldest home and she will be ten in April. The baby is nearly six years old and half way through his kinder year of school. I work hard to try and be in the moment but it is hard with the goings of our daily lives. We need to remember the good times and weather the tough times. I am lucky to have a great partner and children who are there for me if we sink or swim. 

I am looking forward to 2016. It has to be better than 2015 though right now nothing can top our magical vacation. Let's toast to a year of learning and growth because I won't be the person I am today without it. It has taught me to value the simpler things and enjoy the present. 

Here's to wishing everyone a wonderful 2016!

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Quick Xmas Gifts

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My Mother in law can be tough to buy for and every year I struggle but this year I decided to make her a few things that were monogrammed per more her style.

I love the bracelet and am going to be
making more of these because they were super simple.

The shadow box is actually something she has been hinting about for awhile and after Xmas sales are wonderful for getting the stuff at a good price.

Finally I love cute bags and I struggled with what design and decided to go with a more southwest style which is more her. It makes a cute bag to give the presents in as well.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Big Surprise-Prep Work

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So if you are reading this, we are off on an adventure as a family. It is a big one, one that has been planned for six months and it has been kept a secret from half the family as well. 

So here is a little history, the hubby got a small inheritance when his Mother passed away last year. We decided to spend it in a way that would honor her and do things she was never able to do for my Hubby. He bought himself a 3D printer and got me tricycle (which I love). 

We decided for the kids to do a big trip and we kept it quiet. My is it hard to plan things without the kids knowing. Thankfully I explained to the travel agent to not call me after the kids got home (only before) and plus with them at school it helped a lot.

Of course being the crafty person I am, I wanted to make things to continue on the surprise for the kids as we set off on our epic journey. The funny thing is the boy has asked constantly to go to this particular place for the last few months. We get in the car and I will ask jus randomly, where should we go and he shouts out this place. Today was the day, we could go finally. 

So lots of prep work in planning this huge surprise for them. 

I made a surprise travel pack for the kids with some stuff in it to entertain them in the car and to have when we arrive. 

These are the kids surprise bags with stuff for the road. 

I got Miss O and I matching Mickey Vera for the trip. 

The kids autograph books I made them. 

My bag that I sort of had to make. 

Than I took on a weeks long project of making shirts for every day we were there. 

Every day is a theme and I included the hubby and I on a few days. 

Kids and my monogram shirt

Our Magic Kingdom Shirts


Big Hero

May the Force



I love all the shirts so much. As I made them, that was my current favorite. I had one idea for our Star Wars shirts but went in a totally different direction when I saw an similar idea on Pinterest. 

Super excited for our journey. 

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

CTC #53- Happy Haunting

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Halloween is right around the corner and is one of my favorite times of the year. The kids have had thier costumes picked out for weeks. One is the Flash and the other a Storm Trooper. 

This week for Casing the Catty we are exploring pages 46-49 in the Holiday Mini. 

I just loved the DSP (page 47) for this set and it was one of my preorders of course. I found this lovely idea using the stamp set on page 40- Sparkly Seasons. 

So my case this week is combining both the DSP and that set to make a fun card. I also went ahead and made an inspiration for Christmas to. I love double duty stamp sets. 

Please take a look at our next Blog and see what wonders Rachel has created!

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Struggling but things are becoming clearer!

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For about the past year, I admit I am struggling. It has been a rough year from last October to this one for me personally. I have had what feels like thing after thing happen to me. Storm after storm sometimes all converging into one big one finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It had been years since I honestly went through this. Last time was in 2004/2005 when I suffered back to back miscarriages and there were struggles with both my job and home life. That storm did clear with the birth of Miss O who from the moment she was conceived was a fighter.  

So many different things have happen to me over this past year.  I truly have a defining moment when I feel that well things turned for me personally. Last October 7, my husband, son and myself were in pretty bad car accident. A 17 year old driver slammed into us going about 65 miles a hour when we were nearly stopped. She pushed us into the middle lane and we were lucky enough not to be hit again from the middle lane because everyone else was being an aware driver. Between the stress of buying a new car, dealing with insurance and the accident, I was sore and had a horrible flare up in my hip making it hard to get around. 

As the month ended, my hip felt better and the new car buying was complete, I was looking forward to easier times. One bad thing doesn't make for a horrible time. Than in November right before Thanksgiving, I got some weird and strange eye infection. It was honestly comical because this is only stuff that happens to me. So here I am down again with some weird thing that worries the eye doctor. 

All while this is happening, my mother has just gone through double knee surgery at the same time. Plus my Father has just gotten out of the hospital for pneumonia as well. Yes all of this was stressful but part of life and as the month changed into December, yes it did look like the dark clouds were lifting. Both my parents were on the mend as was I. 

Than January 18th happen this past year and honestly this event has forever changed my life. I didn't think a fun moment would lead to such a horrible accident. Nearly nine months later, my husband talks about how my wrist and hand looked after it happen. I had no idea what struggle I would be facing for the next five months with surgery and occupational therapy to regain the use of my left hand. You don't know how important your tendons are for movement until you have to completely relearn how to use them. My doctor told me that I had tremendous metal stamina to get through a injury like this. Honestly I don't know how I did make it through it. I cried a lot to a few select people but yes I mainly held a brave face through it all. 

Compounded through this all, my Mother who is 1200 miles away, suffered a massive infection in her hip in March leaving her nearly wheel chair bound for six months. My husband was in another bad car accident and I had a slight accident as well. I still held a brave face even when I was treated badly during this time. 

To be honest it was all coming to a head at some point. My mental stamina was nearing it's end point. I had hoped that my birthday would clear the air and help start anew but I needed up sicker than a dog the whole week after. I am upset about a variety of things which mainly one being a feeling of being used by a variety of people. This past year has taught me who people truly are. I saw sides of people I have known for 20 plus years that I never thought existed. People I thought were friends only turn out to be someone who didn't really care. On the flip side, I also saw some wonderful sides of people who showed me such kindness. Truthfully,  I feel unvalued by certain family members who don't respect me yet interject themselves into things they are not invited nor welcome to. I feel continuously that I am treated poorly. But I also have seen outpouring of love by many as well. Those will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

I have held a brave face through it all while honestly a war waged inside of me. Did I have a breaking moment in all of this? Yes to some degree it happen in July and than again in August. A minor change in my life well felt huge and difficult to handle but the brave face was there. 

I am on the mend and made some choices with some guidance to work at seeing the light. I am working on being a better me so I can be a better person for my family. I also need to clear out the baggage that frustrates me and work on not letting people use and abuse me because they think I can handle it. 

I appreciate the people that have been there for me but to be honestly the ones who weren't I am no longer putting any effort into and this is something I need to personally work to be better on. Yes it might seem harsh but when someone doesn't value you, isn't that already being harsh. 

I also know that I could be a better friend to some as well and maybe I treated someone poorly in all of this. I hope that if I did, they could let me know so we can see if it can be worked on. 

There are some wonderful things happening in my life and things I am so looking forward to. The holidays are always special plus a new family member arrives here in the next few weeks and I get to be an aunt again. We have a huge surprise for our kids coming up soon which has been one big thing that has helped me going. 

I am looking forward to better times all around and am know I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband and children that make it all worth it in the end. 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

CTC #52- Project Life

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Project Life is one of my favorite go to things and I love that SU has incorporated more and more of it into thier product line. I use it for way more than just scrapbooking and for this week's Casing the Catty  was inspired to use it a a different a new way. 

I created a Advent Calendar using a one card from the Hello December Card Set and Accessory pack found on pages 36-38.

I die cut out all the Trees using the Perfect Pines Framelits and used the fun DSP Home For Christmas. 

I plan in adding Photos of the Holiday season through out the month of December to add to the whole  theme. I can than easily transfer this into a scrapbook for a memory at the end of the holiday season. 

I also love that I was able to use the frame from that adorable kit too. 

make sure to check out the next blogger Alison to see their beautiful work. 

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Friday, September 11, 2015

CTC #47 - Let's Kit Together

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I didn't realize it has been that long since I had a CTC blog post. The kids getting back into the school routine in all honestly kicked my butt big time.  We are at the end of week 3 and finally getting into a decent schedule. Plus I was also in charge of Grandparent's Night at the school so I was running around doing that as well. 

I have to say I LOVE the Kit section of the new mini. I instantly purchased both the Season to Season Wreath and the Witching Decor Project. I love the kits SU comes out with because it is a fun afternoon project you can work on. I finally finished the little scrapbook kit from the spring mini but it still needs pictures. 

I finally had a moment to sit down and play with the Season to Season wreath and it is fun and pretty easy mind the burnt finger from the glue gun which I should totally know better so my suggestion is to use something like your bone folder to press down the paper when applying it to the wreath.

here is my finished wreath all done up for fall. I didn't buy the coordinating stamp set but instead used the textured stamps from the various Paper pumpkins that have come in over the last few years. 

Here is my completed wreath and I framed it in a frame I have hanging on my wall. I love to change out the wreath for the seasons and now all I really have to do it change the banner in it. 

This is such a pretty and simple wreath. It took me only about thirty minutes to but the leaves on. It took  longer to figure out what colors I wanted to use in the stamping. 

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SU products used:

Season to Season Wreath Project Kit. 

Various Paper Pumpkin stamps and ink spots. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Role as SAHM has changed

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The kids have been in school full time now for two weeks and my role as a Stay at Home Mom has changed quite a bit since they started school. Now I am a Stay at Home Mom to my fur babies which I am pretty sure are out to get me because they both like to sit on the stairs and block the way as I walk down. 

So the last two weeks have out us into a new routine because the boy now has to be ready right along with his sister when for the last two years we had about thirty extra minutes before he had to be to school. So now we are all getting up and ready to be out the door any where from 7:30 (if we walk to school) or 7:45 if they are being dropped off in the car. 

So I set some rules I guess for getting off to a good start. Everyone needs to make their bed in the morning. The kids are pretty good about it and the hubby is getting better. He gets up last and I am downstairs with the kids, so this has become his job. I have always been a bed maker from little one and I feel the house seems put together when beds are made plus I read that it makes one more productive during the day because you already accomplished something. 

I make lunches at night and have them in a bucket int he fridge to be dispensed in the morning before we leave. This helps so much in not having to rush around the kitchen plus it leaves me time to unload and reload the dishwasher and also without fail sweep the floor every morning and I will steam mop it once I am back from drop off. 

I feel a clean house just makes one feel better plus it leaves me time to get the other things I need to do get done. I have also found with the new large washer and dryer, I only need to do wash every other day and I have state shaving the kids fold it as an exercise in cooperating with each other. It is still a huge work in progress. 

I want to enjoy my day and not feel like I haven't accomplished anything which in all honestly it does happen. 

Another thing I have been doing for quite awhile is meal planning which helps when we are rushing off to practice or gymnastics. I also have used the crock pot like a bunch to get meals ready for easy dinner prep.

Yes I may have more time on my hands but I am also finding things to fill that time between running errands, getting things at home in order and volunteering at school. I don't know how the year will go over all but I figure if I get some good habits, they will last through the year. 

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Fall Sign- swoon!

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SO last week I was at Wally World for what ever reason (I think looking for t-shirts) and I came across this really cute MDF sign that was on the clearance rack. I grabbed it for four bucks and figured I would do something with it (I am a craft hoarder so I see potential in everything). 

So I brought it home, looked at it for a few days as it sat on my table and than stuck it int he closet. I was at first thinking it would be cute with books on it to maybe hang jewelry on it. 

Than I was wandering around Hobby Lobby (big surprise) and saw a really cute sign that inspired me to create this one. So I bought some black paint and well went to work creating this cute sign for the fall. 

I cut out all the pieces out of vinyl of course using my Cricut and just started layering on. I am not the biggest vinyl fan but it actually went pretty easy and I love how it turn out. Now I need to figure out a place for it. 

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School (Doing the Happy Dance)!

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Monday is back to school and YEAH!!! Could I shout it any louder? Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and it great to spend the time together and I will one day look back all teary eyed thinking about how they were so little as this disgusting teenager farts on their way out of the kitchen. Oh wait I have a preteen and kindergartner who already do that!

I actually like having my kids go to school because they thrive on structure. I am pretty sure my nine year old read like a whole two hours all summer (okay she ready nearly every night but it was junk stuff i.e. Star Wars and Sport Stats). So new rule is that once school starts back up we read things with some purpose so compromise was some Goosebump books. She is pretty good about reading substance over fluff for the most part.

I look forward to hearing all about the wonderful things they are learning every day. Sometimes they even surprise me with new stuff or with stuff, I didn't think they were learning yet. History club was awesome last year because we had lots of great conversations about the world.

This is he first year I have both kids in school full time. One very excited fourth grader and one not so sure about kindergarten. We talk about the expectations that we have as parents and of course what the teachers will expect. I need to make sure I mention to the kinder teacher that we aren't a Yes Mam or yes sir household (we grew up in the north where you just don't do it).

So the bet is on on how long the boy will be be before he gets his first conduct mark at school. The girl has yet to get one and is do for one here soon. Most likely hers will because of my laziness of signing the folder which starts somewhere around January which is of course the time I need to bribe the teacher as well with some sweets or liquor (all depends on what her likes are).

It is also the time of year where I need to determine what sort of parent I will be for each kids teacher. Yes I am happy to be your room Mom but only if I can be the head one and I get good Moms who are willing to help out but hey if you already have like nine Moms who want to be room Mom, I am happy to just be helpful which is pretty much what I am most years except the year I was asked to be the room mom back in May if the teacher got my kid. Good thing I like the teacher because I said yes and for the most part it was a great experience. I had lots of great help but I am not shy from asking for it either.

I have one friend who somehow always gets stuck with no room mom so she somehow gets roped into it. I am figuring odds are high in our favor that our girls will be together, so I guess odds are I will be the fourth graders room mom this year and than the guilt will come into play so likely I will be the kindergartner''s one than add on on my PTA duties plus I was thinking of going back to work. Okay maybe I will just be a very helpful parent to them. Decisions decisions decisions.

The other parenting decision will be how much I want to interact with the teacher. My belief is to have an open relationship but not to bug to much. I rarely question the teacher because they are educated in it and even though I am quite educated, this doesn't mean it is education. I would hate to be a teacher and have that former teacher parent questioning everything. I would hate for any parent to question everything I do as a teacher so I am not a hover helicopter parent though once the hubby's drone project is up and running, we may have one follow them to school every day.

I try to be somewhere in between with the kids. I care but I also trust in the teacher. If we have a good relationship, I hope they can come to me when a problem arises and vice versa. That is why I honestly like having repeat teachers but this year, it will be a new one for kinder because the teacher left to be a Mom and I never have had a fourth grader before so it will be a new experience.

Overall I have been lucky as a parent with my kids school. They are learning so much and I enjoy being a part of the experience as well. I try to be just involved enough where I am known but yet not the mom who is constantly up there. I also enjoy my time away from the kids. So here is to another great school year.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Planner Because I need to plan everything

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You see that big old planner binder - yeah that is my new one. 

I so need something comprehensive in order to run my life as well as three other people. 

My old one wasn't cutting it and got abandoned months ago (might have to also do with school ending).

Now school starts next week and I needed something to keep me sane (or as close to possible). 

I love the recollections system that Michaels offers. 

I have been looking at it for some time and just made the jump to get it. 

I have four sections (which does make the binder tight but it has my needs). 

I have a monthly calendar which also breaks down each week. 

A To do list because I always seems to be making one and even more so with school starting. 

A menu planner so now I can be somewhat organized instead of writing it down on scrap paper.

Finally a section for a journal which is more of a note taking area for me. 

I cut out the tabs (to save some dough) using my Cricut and just used the write on feature. 

I than was wondering how to decorate the front. I wanted loud at first but I simple put my monogram on it. I might add stickers and stuff as the year goes on. 

So lets hoping this helps more with my life!

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Friday, August 14, 2015

CTC #43 Artistic Expression

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This week is all about Artistic Expression for CTC. Honestly I don't have much from this section yet but I do have one set which was a prize when the last catalog came out. 

I won Work of Art and well I wasn't to sure about it. I likely would not have purchased with a first impression look through the catty but after I had it awhile and started playing with it, It has become one I have changed my mind about. I have seen wonderful things done with it over the last year since it has been introduced. So today, I decided to use it for my card and of course CASE.

The card I cased is from page this section.


Work of Ar 13411
Whisper White Card Stock
Basic Black Card stock
Delightful Dijon Ink 138327
Bermuda Bay 132925
Cherry on Top Washi
Some left over string from a Paper Pumpkin Project

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunflower Welcome Wreath

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You know my love of wreaths and another love has always been sunflowers. As a teenager, my bedroom was filled with sunflowers. I don't get to use them as much in my decor as I once did but once I saw a cute Make it Now project on, I had an idea to make a wreath. Actually the wreath slowly came into play.

I really wanted to make the 3D sunflowers so I cut 2 and put them together and decided I needed a 3rd though not sure what I was going to do with them. They were pretty easy to put together once I found the  instructions on (I have now bookmarked it because I always forget to do it.).

I than dug through my stash and found these cute 12 inch chipboard circle wreaths. I cut out the lined paper from SU's Schoolhouse DSP which has to be my favorite ones of the new catalog. 

I than cut out the Welcome using Cricut Design Space and more of the Schoolhouse DSP. I keep thinking it needs something but simple might actually work for it to. I may come back to it. 

It is on my front door but is not in the elements. I have an inset porch plus a screen door to protect it. 

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Casing the Catty # 42 Everyday

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Oh My the Everyday section in the current catty is huge and so many options. So this week we are Casing one of our favorites from that section for CTC!

This is such a fun section and I love so many of the cards and ideas that were to choose from. I specifically picked the card from pg 105 using the Tap Tap Tag set on pg 104.

I changed up the colors and used the Schoolhouse DSP and Cardstock pack (Daffodil Delight, Pool Party, and Tangerine Tango).  I love these new idea of having coordinating packs of card stock with the DSP. It makes it so much easier. 

I also used a tad of the Cherry on Top Washi tap in the corner. 

I think this would be a cute card for Back to School which starts here in Texas in less than three weeks (Yes I am counting the days till the kids go back.)

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Products used:

Tap Tap Tap set 134204
Cherry on Top Washi 138384
School house DSP  138817
Schoolhouse card stock 139009
Chocolate Chip Ink  126979
Pool Party Ink 126982

Monday, August 3, 2015

Back to School Ready

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Three weeks left for summer break and I couldn't be happier. I am not one of those Moms who likes the lazy days of summer- I dread them. Its hot in Texas like super hot, you can't seem to breath outside hot so we linger in doors most of the time only to venture out to the pool here and there which isn't at all refreshing at all. We don't do yard work until the sun starts setting because it is so hot. So most of the time we are cooped up in the house or inside somewhere. So the kids going back to school is wonderful and joyous thing because it gets them going out on a regular basis plus I get to regain my sanity because I no longer will hear hours on end about Minecraft, Terriaum, or what the Hobby kids are playing with this week. 

So the countdown begins and I am ready for school. The first year the oldest went to Kinder, I was frantic running around getting supplies the night before school because I couldn't find one thing on the list. I was stressed to the max because well it was my first. Next year, I wasn't as stressed about it as she headed to first but still stressed some. Less stress the third year for second (It helped we had a great teacher that year). Than I wised up and well last year was a breeze. Why may you ask, well because I preordered the school supplies from the school and had all the school clothes shopping done by the end of July. August was a joy of relaxation and the last dog days of summer. 

So this year, I did the same and it was so much easier even with both going to school. One is in Fourth and my baby is going into Kinder. 

So here is what I did - I got organized and because I was last year, this year is easier. Clothes shopping is done and is quick. The kids can wear summer stuff till October, so we buy a few new things and add as the year goes. I also watch the sales and shop that way. I got six pair of jeans (I bought big) for 40 bucks with coupons. I likely spent a total of 150 bucks for clothes for both because of how I shop. My kids at this age don't need expensive things that they will outgrow in an instant. 

We purchased a new backpack and lunch kit for the boy but my daughter is using the same one from that last two years. I spent about 60 bucks on a new set from Vera Bradley a few years ago, and it has stayed so nice. I just throw it in the washer and air dry it. It looks brand new. I told her she can go get a new one for middle school.

So our backpacks are ready to go and new water bottles which of course were personalized. 

This is new this year with a homework station ready to go. I purchased a $10 cart from Target and cut out labels for the front. I organized the supplies for easy access and the kids love it so far because they love to draw and craft all the time. The boy says not to bother him, he is crafting (have no idea where he gets that :))!

The kids decided to take lunch this year because I think I can do it for cheaper than buying it at school plus I have a picky eater so sending lunch ensures he will eat what I make him. So we set up a lunch station so we can quickly make lunches every night. I am also planning on having stuff ready and sorted in the fridge as well. 

I got this last year and still love it for all the kids paperwork that comes home. each kids has thier own basket and all that stuff that comes home, goes in there. I sort it out every few weeks.  

So school starts here on August 24 and than I am free for seven glorious hours where I can grocery shop with ease and my house will actually stay somewhat clean (at least from 8 am to 3:30 most days). 

Yes I will miss them but school is so good for them. It teaches way more than just reading and writing. I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful ideas they both will bring home each and every day!

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