Tuesday, June 5, 2012

# Organization

Home Manual

I saw this on Pinterest and thought that is a REALLY great idea. I have actually been  thinking about how I can pull all of that stuff together of my disorganization and yes I can be- I don't like to but it does happen.

I got a really cute binder from Wally World and a pack of eight pocket dividers (they are the ones that you can write and erase on the tabs).

This is the cover of my binder. 

I added in a front sheet which also has our contact information in it. 

I created separate tabs for all the things we should have a tab for. This is the family Calendar tab which I will talk about more in a minute about. 

I did some searching to see what others did for a home manual as well as thought about the things I think we need. I like the idea that I can erase a tab and redo it if need be. I also added big labels on the front of them well for easier identification plus these also peel off super easy if I change out that pocket tab. 

The first tab I created was our family calendar which I added in our weekly calendar in the pocket and have three months out behind in the ring binder. I personally use Cozi Central for my family planning needs. It emails our weekly calendar to us as well as texts those important things that I might like to know or remember. 

The second tab is the Home one where I made a list of all of our home things like our mortgage company, electric, etc. that we might need in case of an emergency. I figure I can add things in as we need them in there. 

The third tab is the bill tab and I plan on sticking in our bills as they come into the pocket. I also created a "Bill" sheet to track what comes in as well as when I paid it. You can get the pdf here: Bill Pay PDF.

The fourth tab is the grocery tab. I am sticking in my coupons in the pocket. I also created grocery list to write in and you can get the PDF here: Grocery PDF.  I also like to use Relish Relish for my meal planning and they will print up a list for you as well. I figure the extra list is for the things I need that are not on that list. 

My fifth tab is for cleaning. I created a checklist (PDF version)  to help me track what I need to do. I have been using a checklist I found on Pinterest but created this one of the basics I do every week. I figure I can add as I see the need to. 

The sixth tab is for my menu. I use a menu board already in the kitchen where I track what we will be eating during the week and I hope to stick all of the Relish Relish recipes in this tab for easy access because now they are on the fridge which tend to slide down. Plus if I like it for future, it stays clean in here. 

The seventh tab is for the to do lists (PDF version) . I figure I can use this as needed or each week of the things I need to do. The eight tab is just a general tab for all of that loose stuff that needs to go in there like currently my eye glass script is in there so I hope not to lose it.

I really wanted a central location for lot of this stuff. I hope that weekly, I can go through it to update, and schedule as needed. I love the idea of one stop shopping to make it easier to go through life.

I hope you enjoy working on one as well and please feel free to use the attached PDFs for your binder.

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