Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Fabric Flower- Pinterest Inspired

Well you all know my huge love for Pinterest. It has so many ideas. My friend and I who walk every day talk about how much we love the ideas. I was attempting a project that I saw on there- yoga pants which didn't turn out at all. I know what I did wrong and might attempt them again at some point but I had this left over fabric from that and thought that would be so cute as a fabric flower.

So I went on and did a search for fabric flowers and discovered a great pin and blog as well. I used the great tutorial from BCheniful and did modify it a bit just so it would work for me. I actually made two flowers and layered them up.

Here is how I did it with my modifications and be warned that you will burn your fingers on the glue gun.

Here is the fabric I used. It is a knit and this is about 1/2 of a yard. 

I cut a 2 inch by  LOF piece. 

I tied the end and trimmed any excess off. 

I started twisting and gluing. It took a while to get the "hang" of it. My mode here is that I finally cut a small square of fabric and used that as the backing as I glued. That helped so much more. 

When I finsihed twisting and gluing, I trimmed the excess backing fabric off. 

I added a hair clip as well as a pin (after I took photos). 

I needed a hair model and Mr. L was willing at least enough for me to take a photo. 

I thought it needed something else, so I took a smaller piece and twisted that into a flower. 

Here is the finished project pinned to my FAVORITE hat. I like that I can take it off and pin onto other hats, my blouse or even stick it in my hair. 

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