Friday, February 3, 2012

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Coffee Filter Wreath 2

Okay I really like my coffee filter wreath I created and have hanging on the front door. Everyone gets a kick out of touching it and trying to figure out what it is made out of. It is pretty easy to figure that one out but I did some goggling to see what others are doing with the filters and I found so many awesome ideas. I was inspired by so many of them and took to working on another one but this time is was way different and far more complicated to do. I think it took a total of about 4 hours to create over two days.

I first started off with my supplies which were about 100 coffee filters, paint, paper dishes, newspaper, masking tape, and a floral ring.

 I than took paint and diluted with water. I just added the paint to the water and mixed it up to make it cloudy looking.
 I than dunked the separated coffee filters into the dishes. I colored about 40 though the green and light blue-were very light- just kissed with color. I let the filters dry overnight.

I than took a white coffee filter and cut the center out and rolled a rosette. 

 I added a ring of the dyed filters around that creating a larger flower.
 This is how I cut out the centers. The different ways I cut would create either wider fuller flowers or more closed up ones.
 I used lots and lots of masking tape to tape the pinched bottom of each section of the rosette.

I just than started building the wreath as I went along. I am sure if you made all of them first but I was on unsure how many I would need. I lost count after awhile but I think I am close to 40 handmade flowers. 

Using the centers of the cut out filters, I created little rosettes to fill in areas where you could see the floral ring. 

Closeup of some of the flowers.

 Building the wreath up!

The completed wreath after about a total 4 hours (about 30 minutes to dye and 3.5 hours to create and build).

The completed wreath hanging over my piano. I really like it but would have liked darker colors. I think if I make another one I am using the natural filters and darker colors. 

I found the filters nice and sturdy in creating the roses. I think tissue paper would work but it would be thinner and in my opinion way more cutting. 

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