Monday, February 20, 2012

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Dollar Store Craft

I have professed my love a few times for Pinterest on here and I see so many crafts I just love on there. This one today was inspired by one I saw on there and it cost about 5 bucks to make so if you made more than one it is still really cheap. Everything I got was from the dollar store which amazed me. Just walk down there craft aisle you will be surprised at all the things there.

I used the following items:
- a glass vase
- two bags of pebbles
- 2 sets of black bamboo (each pack is two five foot pieces).

I just filled the vase up with the rocks, and trimmed down the bamboo which was easy. I stuck them in and put some more rocks in for stability. I am going to decorate it for Easter but I haven't decided with what yet and will show picks when I finally do it.

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