Friday, February 10, 2012

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Chaos in the Mommiedom

There has been quite a bit of unrest this week in the Mommiedom. The Queen has been a travel widow while the Daddy is away on business. Usually it isn't that bad but the two year well has been difficult. I am glad Daddy returns tomorrow from the trip and well I am likely going to run away (okay maybe I will just get out sans the kids at some point).

This was the first time my husband has traveled in about 6 months. Last time, I didn't have a kindergartner so having to get us all ready and out the door instead of the kid and husband was a new experience. The hardest part of it all was that the two year old decided this was the week to go into full fledged terrible twos. He tested every boundary possible and than some I didn't even realized existed. Monday he saw more of the timeout area than I think any where else.

Tuesday he seemed to even out some and well was good most of the day though he is hitting a lot which I need to nip. He seems to do it mostly out of frustration and anger when it isn't going his way.  He is about 180 degrees different from Miss O the oldest. She tested but not to this degree. I have been told it is a boy thing and that this is just how they are and will outgrow it. The problem is I am not sure I am going to last it till than.

Just kidding, I will. I actually started doing some new things with him. He really likes stories, so I amped it up in reading more books to him.  We went from like one or two a day to tops of half a dozen and sometimes the same one over and over again. I have learned a lot about Chuggington now.

I did some reading up on how to deal with that difficult child- you know that child who is exactly like you! Yeah I know he is a version of me. I see way more of that stubborn streak like me than I ever did in Miss O. I think because he is so much like me that we butt heads so much. I am a lot like my mom and well that is why we had permanent bruise on our foreheads as I was growing up!

Mr. L is what you would call a spirited child- you know the one who says "no" louder than the rest and screams more often. That kid whose personality is the one that you get those looks at. You know the ones, it is both the handle your child but I sort of feel bad for you looks. That one we all give other mothers at times. I know I have given it and yes with Mr. L I have received it. Oh I remember the first time it happened to me- I was shell-shocked by it.

My son is who he is- incredibly smart, adorable, and currently wearing a shirt that states he drives me crazy. He is also stubborn, strong-willed and seemingly getting sneakier about his actions. He spilled milk on the floor the other day and I asked him what happen. He pointed to the dog and blamed her. It made me laugh.

Mr. L and I have to come to an understanding one where I understand him and he chooses to not! All kidding aside, it is important to me that we get to a point where he understands that he can't act this way and I just need to keep consistent on it. As hard as it is to keep doing the same thing, it will pay off one of these days , weeks, months, okay who I am I kidding- likely years!!

I am so happy that this week is about over. Friday so far has been good and tomorrow, the hubby is picked up and I have some relief in this thing we call parenting.

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