Monday, February 13, 2012

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Menu Board- My Version

So I totally admit I love Pinterst and have found so many awesome ideas on there for the home, crafts, kids, and lots of recipes I want to try. I saw this Menu Board on  there the other day. I had repinned it from someone else and once I saw it, so wanted to make it as soon as I could, so today as it rains, I set to work on it and of course made my own version. I actually saw this Weekly Schedule and used that as well for inspiration.

So I started out with an 11x17 frame I picked up from the craft store and with my 50 percent off coupon it cost 3 bucks but beware that it isn't as sturdy and could break.

I cut seven 2.5 inch stripes of coordinating paper and than adhered it onto the insert that comes with the frame. I did have to trim off excess because my paper was 12 inches long. 

I inserted the covered insert back into the frame and than pulled out my trusty Cricut. Be warned this can do a number on the pads for cutting. I used a new one which was super sticky and well  the vinyl really stuck and had to be tossed out. So if you use a Cricut, use a pad that has already been used. 

I used Black vinyl 

The cricut

Peeling off the letters

Attaching to the top of the glass.

I cut out the words Menu, and than abbreviation for the week. I only used Monday thru Friday because honestly those are really the only days I cook. Saturday and Sunday, it really depends. The Menu letters were 1.5 inches while the days of the week were 1inch. Because I don't like things so even, I alternated the days on each side of the board. 

When I was done with the letters, I also added on some stickers of desserts. The paper and stickers are part of the new SU mini catalog called  Sweet Shop. I really thought it looked cute for a menu board with all the little sweets on it. 

I than took a dry erase marker and wrote down what we will be having for the week. The dry erase marker wipes right off and I also attached heavy duty Velcro to the back and hung it up on my cabinet. I used one that I don't go in all that often because I figured if it keeps getting closed, no Velcro in the world will hold it up there. I can just take it down to wipe off and add the new menu for next week. 


  1. That's really cute, Becky. I actually just bought a giant blackboard for the kitchen to write our menu on. Know anywhere that I can get neon colored chalk?

  2. Try the dollar store. I have seen chalk there. I bought one of the vinyl clings for my fridge and put my grocery list on there as things run out. Take a quick pic with the camera phone and i have my list. Thanks!!