Monday, February 27, 2012

# Organization

Special Series- Cleaning the Linen Closet

Yep I tackled that finally after years of dreading it. I sort of felt like Monica on "Friends" who had her secret closet filled to the prim with all sorts of things in there. I honestly had wedding presents in there that I had never used because I didn't have a good place for them ( yes I know married almost ten years). Now with the living room redone, I put some of the stuff out. 

I also got those space bags to put all
of the actually linens in that we don't use on a regular basis. Those are so smooth to work with were fun to suck all the air out of them. I used three extra large ones, two large ones and two medium ones. I also took a bunch to good will of things I no longer need like sheets for a full bed I no longer own. I think it looks so nice and I stuck all that extra stuff in my closet looking for a home in there as well (I tackled our closet to but didn't take pictures of it). 

I feel so much better now that these are done and am going to work hard at keeping them organized, especially my own closet. 

All of this was jammed in there plus I have a big pile that you couldn't see.

After with the space bags. 

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