Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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One Charm Pack- Two Ideas to Make

I have two sets of these charm packs and i had a lofty idea of making a rag quilt out of them before I realized I need much bigger squares for it so I decided to make some other things with it.

First I made a throw pillow using 10 of the 5x5 squares in the charm pack and 8 solid black charms from another pack (that was going to be the rag quilt back). I just sewed them together in a simple pattern, sewed the two sides together, and stuffed. Did a quick whip stitch to close it up and I have a cute mod inspired pillow.

Than I got started planning out a purse. Yeah I know I need to make another one like I need a hole in my head. I spent about an hour getting it ready and sewing it together. I than stepped away when I had the outside all done. I did some other stuff and than started on the lining which took like 15 minutes to sew, stick in and finish it up. Overall it was a simple bag to make of my own design. I have some kinks to work out if I wanted to maybe sell a version of it. We will see.

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