Tuesday, September 6, 2011

# School

School Groove

We are now in our third week of school and so far so good. Miss O loves it and has made a friend that she talks about quite a bit. I finally got to meet the friend and found out she is here in our subdivision which is nice for future play dates and such.

We have gotten in a groove as well in getting ready in the morning and getting out of the house. The one person who needs to most prodding is my husband to get out the door. Once they get out the door and head off, it is just Mr. L and I.

Here is the tricky part for me- it is just him and I. I am a tad bored with him. I was so use to having someone here all day that I could carry a conversation with and now I hear grunts and someone who points for most of his stuff. Plus I don't have that second set of eyes here watching him which tires me out so much.

So far since school has started he has spilled the laundry soap all over my rug, gotten into countless things that he never has before and has finds it funny to sit on top of the train table. He is testing me all the way.

Overall though I am loving having the one on one time with him. I am finding him saying more words overall during he day. I just need to get use to just having a toddler around without an older child to entertain him.

He is a very different kid that Miss O. Miss O never touched anything while he touches everything. He likes to constantly touch and grab the picture frames all over the house. It actually is kind of fun, because I always ask him who is in the picture and where they are.

This has been an adventure for us which has been fun. Miss L and I are learning new things together while Miss O is thriving at school. So far so good and I hope it only gets better (as long as I keep the laundry soap up where it belongs).

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