Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Easy French Onion Soup

I have to say French Onion soup is one my favorites. I make it all through the year and yes I do it all sorts of ways. This one is super easy and takes no time at all.

I used one really large onion and one smaller one. I chopped them up into smaller pieces and threw them in the pan with some oil. I let them sweat some and when they started turning brown which means they are caramelizing, I put in about two tablespoons of butter and about 1/2 cup of flour.

I mixed it all together, coating the onions and let them cook some more until the flour and butter got that nutty color. I think it was about 5 minutes.

I than put them in a crock pot and added one larger container of beef stock. Set it low and let it for 4-6 hours. The soup slowly thickens up and I like my french opinion thicker instead of broth. You could do the same thing and negate the flour to have a thinner version.

When it was all done, I stuck a piece of toasted asiago bread in the bottom of the bowl, poured over the soup and out a piece of provolone on top. You could bake it to make Baked French Onion but I was to lazy to put the broiler on in this warmer weather. When you push the cheese into the soup, it begins to met nicely.

This took me all together like 15 minutes to make and than it just sat. You could also make it and just let it simmer on the stove for an hour as well.



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